Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


So, Sayulita. What an awesome place.


It is about 25 miles north, I believe, of Puerto Vallarta. It is described by most people as a hippie, surfer village. And it definitely is.


It is definitely a place where you go to chill. I sat on the beach and drank cerveza and sangria and pina coladas larger than my head. Literally.




But regardless of all that, it is a seriously awesome place to take photos. Downtown has all these eclectic shops and people peddling jewelry and blankets and other odds and ends. And the colors! Everything is painted. No one wears or paints things beige and black, everything is vibrant and stimulating.




I love ironic things like huge phallic symbols amongst beautiful flowers.


The plaza is the center of the town. There are usually street performers and tons of people milling about.


Food in Sayulita was amazing. Anything I ate, was better than anything I had eaten before. My favorite place, where I easily could have eaten every day, was Rollie's. Rollie himself greeted us and got us all settled at a table. He was a long time educator and principal in Salinas, California. He apparently had a dream of opening up a restaurant and then fell in love with Sayulita. And after his retirement, his dream came true! His wife, Jeanne made the best recommendations for breakfast. I had what was called Jeanne's Benedict, which was poached eggs on a toasted talera bun, with a special pablano chili sauce, topped with machaca which is the most amazing beef in the world served with potatoes, tomatoes, avocados and of course, refried beans. I could have gotten a side of toast but opted for the most amazing flat pancake ever, smothered in honey. Amazing.


And that morning, I couldn't decide what I wanted to drink. So I got a bunch. Hey, I was on vacation.


Choco Banana was always packed. We were able to get a bar spot one morning, there breakfast is delicious and so our their Frosti Choco's.


On the one rainy day, we went to the Tequila Bar which is right by Sayulita Fish Taco. This place was awesome. It only had a 5 or 6 bar stools and 100s of different types of tequilas. In Mexico, tequila is almost treated like wine here. They don't shoot it, they sip it, and there are specific instructions on sipping, and things you should do when you are trying a tequila, just like we do for wine. This was the huge wall of tequilas.


And this is my awesome margarita made with a really smooth tequila.


We stayed a bit up from the plaza on a quiet, very steep dirt road. I should mention that no one really has an address in Sayulita. The directions to the casita were to take the third right after the big rock.

Well, this is the big rock.


And this is Casita Tarzan.


The views from the casita were beautiful.



And this was my view when the sun was setting, right there on the side of the casita.



Sayulita was definitely a remarkable place. I really love going places and feeling like I am somewhere totally different from home. The first place I ever really felt like that was the French Quarter of New Orleans. I am glad I felt that way here.

So many more photos to show you! And a whole wedding to blog about!

Hola! Feliz Ano Nuevo!

I have just returned to 23 degree weather from paradise! I have spent the most amazing week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I photographed Jen and Marc's Dia de los Muertos themed wedding.

What an awesome experience! I took so many photos, rang in the New Year, learned how to make guacamole, spoke some Spanish, smiled, ate some amazing foods, drank too many cervezas, asked for more cerveza and too much tequila, and laughed a lot.

I have so many photos to share so bear with me, I have to do it in sections. Today is just to make you jealous. These were three immediate favs when I loaded them.

This was taken right on the beach below where the wedding was.


Sunset at the home of the wedding.


This is the view from the groom's parent's house. Beautiful framing on my part. Ha.


Lots more to come!