Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Review

Scene It! Style Happy New Year
Barley Cat adopted only because he was crazy
Atlantic City with my G-Ma, gambling for the first time, won $91, stopped there.
We would like to offer you a position!
Fell in love with New Orleans!
Told Michael I was leaving my first real, real job
Started a new job, became part of the capitol beltway traffic
Crystal Grottoes
Got rid of Old Blue, bought the Silver Fox
First Wine Fest of the Season - giddy on tour, almost got kicked out with Julie
Started a Blog
Kris and Karley got married!
Daren graduated
Held Abby’s baby, the first time I held a baby in years
More Wine Fests…Perhaps 3 at this point?
Got fed up with Fieldpointe, moved to Howard County
Closing out wine fest season at the MD Wine Fest
NYC for Krissy’s Bachelorette Party!
Krissy’s Wedding!
I cut someone’s hair….scary
Held Nicole’s baby! So cute!
Kari and Jason got married!
Lost my cell phone for the first time ever
Election – having more faith in my country
Booked more weddings for next year!
1 Year without Poppop
Met Theresa’s Josh
Worked Thanksgiving
Best Holiday Party Ever
Biggest Loser
Family Christmas

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Would You Rather Saturday!

Would you rather cough the sound of bagpipes or fart the sound of a rapid-fire machine gun?

:-) Happy Weekend!

Friday, December 19, 2008


It has rained everyday since Tuesday and I would very much so like it to either stop or turn to snow.

This is where I intend on staying until my wish is fulfilled.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

uh oh...I'm going to blog about sports

Let's talk about this photo people...

I went to the Raven's game on Sunday. It was a pretty dismal game and the fact that I couldn't feel my ears or toes afterwards didn't help much either.

I have heard a lot of people talk about this game and thought I would throw in my two cents too. First of all, yes the Ravens lost, but you have to admit it was a good game. Both teams sported awesome defenses, the Steeler's had two turnovers, there were some sacks/tackles that I was surprised the players got up from (I would have been knocked unconscious), there was fighting on the field after every play, and the hot chocolate was not watered down.

Now, this photo. To bring it all back for you, the Steeler's had the ball on the Raven's 4 with 43 seconds left on the clock, Roethlisberger, trying to find someone open, runs from the middle of the field to the side and back until he sees Santonio Holmes, that bastard, in the end zone. Originally, the play was not called a touchdown. But, even though I didn't ask them to, because I matter so much, the refs reviewed the play and reversed the call.

I have some problems with that. First off, I have seen the play over and over again and honestly, there is just not enough evidence for anything to be conclusive - did the ball cross the plain? Didn't look like it from my seat, which was only a few feet from the fiel. Were both his feet down? Eh, maybe before Ed Reed knocked him face first into the turf. Did he have ball control? I didn't think so.

So, why did the refs overturn it? Because, as Frank would say, football is fixed. :-)

I know someone who would be really, really glad he was not officiating this game. Hi, Mr. Ed Hoculi!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Would You Rather Saturday!

Wold you rather live in a world where women were given equal pay, opportunity, and access to jobs or a world whee men experience the pains of the birth process along with women?

Friday, December 12, 2008


Happy Friday from my crazy, funny, sweet, photogenic animals!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why I Can't Turn On My TV

As you can probably already tell from the obscene amount of complaining I do on this blog, I have very little tolerance for many things. I complain a lot, I am antsy a lot and lack patience all the time. But I am hoping some of you may be able to sympathize with the agony I go through when I turn on my TV mainly because of these commercials in particular.

The first one that makes me crazy is the commercial for Progressive. You know the scenario: the skinny blonde lady needs a good rate on her car insurance and FLO decides to show her how much she can save by using Progressive. Here is my problem, according to the autmoated sign in the background, she is saving about $300 and claims that, that is enough for a new pair of shoes. UMMMM OF COURSE IT IS! It is more than enough. Shoot, for that much, I could by at least 60 pairs of shoes from Payless. At least 10 if they are higher quality. And then FLO has the nerve to say, in reference to what she can buy with what she is saving, that she could also get "a big tripped out name tag." OMG, you are mad annoying.

The second set of commercials that make me want to throw my remote at the TV are the Subway commercials. Yes, please, I would like to see a slew of people singing about $5 foot longs. The newest one is by far the worst. The construction workers attempt dancing and the two business dressed ladies have horrible, horrible pitch, causing my to go into a whirlwind of anxiety. It onestly does reach a point where it is just too painful to watch. And answer me this, why is it that I go to Subway and never, ever spend only $5? Ridic.

The third set of commercials, the biggest offenders of bad advertising and the ones that just take the cake for the worst commercials ever are So help me God, if I ever see this guy in public, I will trample him, tie him up, sit him in front of a huge tv with the volume turned to obscenely high volume and force him to sit alone in a dark room to watch those stupid commercials on repeat until he has officially lost his mind, much like I already have. To top it all off, this guy is from Canada, his name is Eric Violette. Just another thing we can blame Canada for. But I guess it would not be fair to just blame the singer, perhaps I should tie up the person who thought up these dumb tunes too: David Muhlenfeld. Although, in his defense, I think he knows these commercials are making people psycho. He stated recently "Repetition alone will make something stick in a listener’s head. The question is, once your song is in their head, will they want to stick that head in an oven?” Well said, David.

In case you haven't had the chance to turn on your tv in the last few days, I thought I would show you the latest of the commercials warning everyone of the woes of bad credit...renaissance style? Ugh.

Where is an oven when you need one?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pet Peeve

This time it is literally a "pet" peeve. Above is not either of my cats but it illustrates exactly what happens at my house daily.

As many of you know, I have 2 cats: Barley, the big, fat, whiney but so much fun, orange one and then Sushi, the small, petite, dainty, princess-like, gray one. I have their food dishes right beside one another. They both have their own food and water dish and for the most part usually stick to using their own. The area around and under Sushi's princess dishes is clean, immaculately clean. The area around Barley's looks like he collapsed in it, very much so like the photo above. And then he comes to me, meows and meows, until I get up and follow him to his dish and put more food in it. Just like I did only hours before. Granted, I am exaggerating this doesn't happen everyday but Jesus, he is such an attention whore.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do you see?????

Do you see what I have to live with? They are playing Edward 40 Hands...omg.

The blurriness may be due in part to some sort of wine...and my inability to find my flash in such a state.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Would You Rather Saturday!

Would you rather be missing toes or have webbed hands?

Friday, December 5, 2008


I think if I just copy the picture into this post, it won't have the same effect for you.

A friend sent me this today when I was complaining about god only knows what. It made me happy and I hope it lifts your spirits this Friday too!,and,creativity,commercials,feelings,humans,life,time,favs,,under,eighteens-0363110f93565cf50471946c93b7ab7b_h.jpg

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vicky = Villian

I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser. I love that show to pieces. I watched it last night with the boys while simultaneously eating a semi healthy dinner followed by a huge piece of chocolate cake washed down with a swig of coke with an Ambien (more to come on my Ambien addiction later). So motivating....

But seriously, the people on that show are inspiring and extremely motivating. EXCEPT for one. I was so pleased today when I logged out of my yahoo mail and was taken straight to the news page and saw an article entitled The Biggest Villian on 'Biggest Loser.' YAY! Finally someone else sees the evil that she is! THAT BOY I live with likes her the best. I think after last nights episode she is just an evil, selfish, greedy pansy who likes to put on a scene for national display. I feel bad for her 2 very young children because their mom is an embarrassment.

Yahoo! is listing these as:


1. Bob, the ever-positive Blue Team trainer, commented early on that she was the "most conniving person" he'd seen on the show. To be honest, we hadn't noticed, but let's just say that if Bob has something negative to say about someone, we pay attention.

2. Vicky boasted that her team lost a challenge because the prize wasn't worth it. Talk about poor sportsmanship! Whether the prize is good enough for you or not, at least make an effort -- it's an additional workout, dummy.

3. In recent episodes Vicky started making faces during weigh-ins, and even worse, she started to openly mock Philip when he spoke, even when he was on the scale. That's crossing the line. When someone steps on that giant scale, awaiting their fate each week, it is a moment that must be respected.

4. Even Vicky's alliance pal Ed warned cameras that if you cross her "she'll claw your eyes out." When Amy C. voted Brady off two weeks ago, Vicky totally lost it. She cursed about Amy during her confessionals, posted a "revenge" sign on her bedroom door, ignored Amy altogether, and vowed to knock her out of the competition. And Amy was Vicky's teammate! Then when Amy saved Vicky from elimination the next week (because she felt so guilty about Brady), Vicky returned the favor by sending Amy packing the moment Amy was on the chopping block. Apparently Vicky is a 37-year-old woman with the mentality of a mean 13-year-old girl.

5. When football legends Jerry Rice and Steve Young stopped by for a challenge where the prize was a charitable donation, Vicky was still in 100% scheme-mode. She figured that the challenge twist would be that they'd have to run the course twice, and the winner would be the one with the most improved time. So she WALKED the first time, with Jerry and Steve shouting encouragements from the sidelines while she lied to them about being embarrassingly slow. She was correct about the twist and of course she ran the second time and won the challenge, but there was no way the win was worth it. Talk about a lack of respect for yourself, your peers, and Steve and Jerry. We were disgusted.

Again, evil pansy. :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vogue Pup

My dog is seriously a wannabe model. She totally has mad modeling skills; so much so that it is just nauseating. All I do is take out my totally kick ass camera and will lay on the floor, she does the rest. Every time I am about to snap a photo she will turn away and look back in time for the shot. She also gives me those puppy dog eyes that are just so irresistible. :-)

Monday, December 1, 2008

When will the ringing stop?

It’s that time a year again. I will have a headache before I even enter most of the stores I frequent. Just like this past week, prior to Thanksgiving, mind you, when I went to Wal-mart. Much to my dismay, I could here the ringing from the middle of the parking lot, and as I approached the automatic front door, my worst fears were realized: The Bell Ringers are back.

But not only are they back at Wal-Mart, they are back in full force, at grocery stores even, at a 7-11 in VA. And I can hear the ringing before I get into the store, while I am in the store, when I leave the store and for a little while in my head when I go home. Then it just subsides into a really mean headache. You know, the kind that makes you feel like your heart is going to pop right out of the middle of your forehead.

In all honesty though, while I usually don’t put money in the bucket every time, I guess I am glad they do it. It reminds me of how fortunate I am, knowing that I am walking in to a store to make a purchase that I am able to make because I am lucky enough to have a job this holiday season, and not standing in line, filling out an application to get a meal from the Salvation Army.

But really, the bells?