Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

From my creepy, purple pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And today you will learn about...

You guessed it! Inflating Hot Air Balloons!

This was actually really interesting to watch, it was amazing how something that fit into a bag about as big as me, just a bit wider, blows up to look like the end result.

Obviously the first step is to lay the balloon out flat on the ground.

The next step for them was to attach the basket in which the person would be flying.

After that they take a pretty large size fan and direct it towards the opening of the hot air balloon until it seems to be pretty plump.

Once plump, they begin to lift the basket (I really don't know the technical name for it) to get the balloon off the ground and they blast hot air into it...and a lot of fire.

They didn't launch a whole lot from the location I was at because of high winds, but when I got on the road to go home, there were a bunch, I couldn't help but pull over to the side of the road and get a couple shots.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I took these recently when I went to a Hot Air Balloon Festival. I went alone and despite all the people, it was a very peaceful experience and I think these photos reflect that.

Tomorrow you will see the inflation of a hot air balloon. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

My thoughts exactly...

I think that this World Series has been one of the most anti-climatic series ever. I could honestly care less who wins.

PS - Incoming call from Mom - Pre-School teacher = Mrs. Noble.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm making the most of my day off, going to the Raven's game and coming home to edit some awesome engagement portraits to share with all of you that I took this weekend. Thus, today, I will grace you with these two beautiful photos of Gabriel. Hope his Mommy doesn't mind! :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My last entry, I spoke about how Asians are fine with me and this reminded me of something from my childhood. Mom, you know exactly what I am going to talk about, I just know it.

My education started at Good Luck Pre-School in Lanham, MD. I loved it. I loved the crafts, snack time, the field trips, anything that we did, I loved it. I especially loved my teacher, who was this older woman who adored me, and seriously what’s not to adore? I was a cutie. Her name is escaping me at this time, which makes me sad because I could name all of my other teachers. What was that you don’t believe me??? You want me to prove it? Fine. I will. Kindergarten – Mrs. Shiner, 1st- Mrs. Jesse, 2nd – Mrs. McCaffery (who was the only teach I ever had who smoked, she smelled like it and had a raspy voice, but she liked me because I was a good speller), 3rd – Mrs. Kugler, 4th – Mrs. Price, 5th – Mrs. Rosen, 6th – started out being Mrs. Maroney but she left and Mrs. Tabot took her place and then after that we had a bunch of different teachers but homeroom in 7th was Mrs. Stefan, 8th was Mrs. Pons, 9th – Mrs. Austin, 10th – shoot, did I have homeroom in 10th?, 11th – Mr. Dutrow for band. And I didn’t have a twelfth grade because I was too cool for it and went to college instead.

That was fun. So, pre-school. Probably a couple of months into my pre-school career, I stopped loving it. I didn’t want to go even though I knew I had to, I would ask to stay home, get quiet and cry, and have my mom walk me in daily and my mom just didn’t understand it at all. I didn’t tell her why I stopped loving it until 7th grade. But I won’t make you wait that long, I’ll tell you now.

I had an obsession with 2 little girls in my class. Why? Because they were different from me. I called them the girls with the “pushed in faces” and I thought that they were the most beautiful things ever. I loved their shiny black hair, and their “tan” as I used to call it. The one girl on Halloween for our Halloween parade dressed up as a princess in this really extravagant pink gown, I loved it and wanted it and I can remember exactly what it looked like to this day. I had dressed up like a butterfly and while I loved my homemade costume, I really loved that pink dress. Anyway, all I wanted was to be their friend. That is all I wanted. But anytime I tried to talk to them, I would get slapped in the face by the owner of the pink dress. Let that one soak in. I got slapped in the face everyday until one day I stopped trying and decided I hated pre-school and never wanted to go back. I never told the teacher nor did the teacher ever see them do it but it happened, for weeks.

So, now, while I have nothing against people of the Asian culture, I have no Asian friends, and maybe I never let myself have them because of slap me in the face daily girl.

Friday, October 24, 2008

So...I started swimming

So….I started swimming. And by ‘I started swimming’ I mean I have gone to the pool fewer times than I have fingers on one hand, but it counts damnit. I started swimming because it is getting cold out, my throat gets dry and hurts when I go running outside, so I have to come to the gym anyway, might as well switch it up a bit. Plus, yes running works a shiz load of muscles, but swimming works everything. EVERYTHING!

The first time I went it was when I was feeling frisky after a 3.5 mile run on the treadmill. And the only reason I ran that last .5 miles was because the end of Season 4 of Project Runway was on and I love watching Christian win. I love package plan plus; we get our own flat screen TV on our machines. Anyway, so I went swimming after running. I thought I was going to die. I swam A lap and hung onto the wall at the other end of the pool rethinking my decision. Lots of thoughts were flowing, like holy shit, I don’t think I can breath anymore, my heart feels like it is going to pump right through my chest bone and into the bottom of the 8 foot deep pool, and crap that means the water will turn red, and that 12 year old lifeguard thinks I am an out of shape idiot. All of that equaled, well I have to at least swim back to the other end. So I did, and promptly got out and went right to the hot tub.

The second time I went was, meh, better. No post 3.5 mile run. I was a little unsure about this time though because I had to share a lane. My options were super old tiny little Asian lady or just a very old Asian lady. Both were about 80 lbs, had their little kickboards and were swimming at the rate of one pool length per 10 minutes. After thinking through this scenario in my head, I went with the super old Asian lady for 2 reasons – 1) she was close to the ladder, and 2) she was not swimming down the middle of her lane like the other lady. Swimming in the same lane as anyone is challenging but swimming in the same lane as a prehistoric figure is even more difficult. I didn’t want to kick when I was swimming past her scared that I would splash and drown her with the force of my feet. I also didn’t want to take a breath when I was near her because I didn’t want her to think I was stopping to check on her. Thankfully, I didn’t last too long. I got to12 laps before I wanted to die. See, this lifeguard can’t think I am an idiot anymore, 12 laps, awesome.

The third time was Wednesday. Conditions were optimal, my own lane, no Asian ladies, not that I have anything against Asians at all, they are fine, and a new lifeguard. I swam 22 laps!!!! (And then the local high school swim team showed up and I lost interest). BUT my whole body is hurting today, even my fingers as I type this are saying please go get 2 more Advil, we can’t take it anymore. But I have already taken 8 Advil today and my stomach hurts, thus, no more.

I’ll let you know about swim time number 4 soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taylor Swift - Love Song

I know...this isn't like me, this is embarrassing that I even listen to her but I love this song. I have had it stuck in my head for hours now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Anytime I get into my car or go to a store, I see a shiz load of people doing incredibly unintelligent things while they continue to exist. They are stuffing their faces with tacos (requiring two hands) while they are behind the wheel, they are texting while driving, not even looking up at all, or pushing a stroller in the road while talking on a cell phone (why on the road you ask, just to avoid the bumps according to one woman), and also one of my up and coming favoritest (yes, I know it is not a word) new pet peeves, people who are talking on their cell phones while checking out at stores or ordering food (didn’t occur to me until today how much extra time it adds, I held back a lot today to not press back the button on the payment machine when it prompted this guy about cash back, I just wanted to scream at him to press the god damn button, just press NO and be done with it!).

But today, today’s dummy trumped all of that. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood, so I tend to drive slow until I get to a road with no sidewalks. Today, I am glad I was driving slow not for the kids, but for a grown man, a grown man who was running, listening to his ipod and wait for it, wait for it, reading a book.

People never cease to amaze me.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Office

Ummmmmmm........finally! How much do you love Michael and Holly?!?! Aww and, of course, Jim and Pam. :-) Sorry, couldn't resist being girly and giddy about that one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's all in the details

So...Krissy is home from her honeymoon and still married! I wanted to share some of the detail pictures I took on her wedding day. I didn't take too many of people which is strange for me, but I wanted to ditch my camera and be a good bridesmaid! That was my job. :) She got married at the Oaks, right on the water, it was gorgeous, especially with the orange and brown colors. Hope you enjoy!

Larry was there...and drinking!

Hair Affair

Never a dull day in the Giannandrea household. I guess we just like to keep things interesting.

Frank made me cut his hair. Yes, made me. He went out and bought a whole clipper set equipped with that crazy, scary, vibrator, I mean, razor with the color coded attachments for specific kinds of cuts.

His hair was getting wildly out of control and almost mullet like which is never good. I had asked him politely, I believe, for more than a month to get a haircut. I guess he didn’t pick up on the hint that I wanted him to get one, not get equipment to make my life a living hell. Win some, you lose some.

I was feeling scared and nauseas, as he pulled out the goods to complete this dreaded task from the Target bag. (He was a sweetie though and said he got me a surprise, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I think he did that to dull the suffering I was about to endure while I cut his hair). I just could not believe that this kid would trust me to cut his hair, I mean is he nuts, has he lost his mind?

He was so insistent about it, what else could I do but just cut it already? So I did.

I didn’t think it was going so bad until Frank starts cringing and moving his head a bunch and saying it really hurts. Leaping up from the chair, in tears, TEARS mind you, he yanks the razor doodad out of my hands and cuts his hair himself. We did eventually discover that instead of doing it smoothly like I was supposed to according to the instructions (HA! Can you believe this thing came with instructions??? I about died reading them…cut hair??? Really??) I was more so pulling and tearing his hair. For that I did apologize, but in all honesty, maybe he deserved it for forcing me to cut his hair.

I eventually convinced him to surrender the razor because I secretly wanted a second chance, for redemption purposes mostly and now his hair is pretty good looking considering a complete novice did it.

I did inform him that I would NEVER under any circumstances cut his hair again. To which he responded that we have to do it once more to get his money’s worth out of it. To which I responded with damnit.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today is my Mommy's birthday! I think I would just be ecstatic if I looked like this when I get to her age. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wherever You Are...

Brace yourselves, this is a sad one.

Today would be my Poppop's 80th birthday. I can't help but thinking that if he was here today he would have a big grin plastered on his face after partaking in a huge party we would have had for him with all of our family and friends, much like the one we through 10 years ago for him, equipped with banners and cake and the like. But a year ago today, as we sat around the table planning his big 80th birthday bash, we had no idea how little time we had left with him and I am so glad we were at least able to share the joy of his 79th.

I know we are supposed to lose our grandparents, that is normal and expected, but I want him to know that I think about him and often, with any important decision that I make, whenever I see my mom or Namaw and whenever I think of growing up and how proud he would be of me.

Anyway, Poppop, just know that wherever you are, near, far, I love you and miss you more than you could know.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yes, Clay is Gay

About 2 weeks ago, I got a text with The “News.” Clay Aiken has admitted he is gay.

I was saddened by this news for about .000256893 seconds because, come on people, were any of you truly shocked by this news?

And for all you little girlies out there who were mad obsessed with him, who tried to “pray away the gay,” well, it didn’t work. And why should it?

Clay, yes we are on a first name basis, at least for the sake of this post, Clay is an extremely talented singer and based on everything I have read about him is incredibly compassionate about his family and his work and he is even kind of funny. Does being gay change that?

I’m proud of him for making the decision to be a donor to give his friend the greatest gift of all, a baby (ewwww I can’t even believe I typed that, there are so many better gifts that I would want right now that does not involve pain and that horrible after effect of a screaming baby, like for example, a new computer or something simple like a 12 pack of diet pepsi even). Anyways, regardless, what a big and great decision he made.

So, who gives a monkey’s butt if he is gay? Why is it our business anyway? We have so many freedoms in this country, soooo many, but we can’t even pick the gender of the person we fall in love with or just are naturally attracted too without derision and some disdain? For the record, all of us heteros aren’t doing so hot either, how do more than half of our marriages end up??? Exactly.

I guess I just don’t see what the big deal is. If it grosses you out, don’t think about it, but stop judging. Jesus.

An American Idol Aside – David Cook’s new single has finally made its way to my ears. Katherine, I picked the one with this pic just for you, try to avoid licking your computer screen at work! You would totally pray away the gay for this one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maryland Wine Fest!

I know that this was 2 weeks ago now but I am slow to add photos. I loathe putting them on my computer because usually my computer tells me something depressing like there is not enough space to put these on your computer and you should give up trying.

Anyway, me and my favoritest people ever went to the wine fest a few weeks ago and I love them a lot because they are not only the sweetest, craziest, most spontaneous group of people I have ever met but because they let me take pictures of them whenever I want. Thought I would share a few. Please keep in mind and be impressed that most of these....were taken post 1 whole bottle of wine.

And then there was a bison???

For the record, I have no idea whose child this is, but he was within camera distance and I think it is a cute pic.