Friday, October 24, 2008

So...I started swimming

So….I started swimming. And by ‘I started swimming’ I mean I have gone to the pool fewer times than I have fingers on one hand, but it counts damnit. I started swimming because it is getting cold out, my throat gets dry and hurts when I go running outside, so I have to come to the gym anyway, might as well switch it up a bit. Plus, yes running works a shiz load of muscles, but swimming works everything. EVERYTHING!

The first time I went it was when I was feeling frisky after a 3.5 mile run on the treadmill. And the only reason I ran that last .5 miles was because the end of Season 4 of Project Runway was on and I love watching Christian win. I love package plan plus; we get our own flat screen TV on our machines. Anyway, so I went swimming after running. I thought I was going to die. I swam A lap and hung onto the wall at the other end of the pool rethinking my decision. Lots of thoughts were flowing, like holy shit, I don’t think I can breath anymore, my heart feels like it is going to pump right through my chest bone and into the bottom of the 8 foot deep pool, and crap that means the water will turn red, and that 12 year old lifeguard thinks I am an out of shape idiot. All of that equaled, well I have to at least swim back to the other end. So I did, and promptly got out and went right to the hot tub.

The second time I went was, meh, better. No post 3.5 mile run. I was a little unsure about this time though because I had to share a lane. My options were super old tiny little Asian lady or just a very old Asian lady. Both were about 80 lbs, had their little kickboards and were swimming at the rate of one pool length per 10 minutes. After thinking through this scenario in my head, I went with the super old Asian lady for 2 reasons – 1) she was close to the ladder, and 2) she was not swimming down the middle of her lane like the other lady. Swimming in the same lane as anyone is challenging but swimming in the same lane as a prehistoric figure is even more difficult. I didn’t want to kick when I was swimming past her scared that I would splash and drown her with the force of my feet. I also didn’t want to take a breath when I was near her because I didn’t want her to think I was stopping to check on her. Thankfully, I didn’t last too long. I got to12 laps before I wanted to die. See, this lifeguard can’t think I am an idiot anymore, 12 laps, awesome.

The third time was Wednesday. Conditions were optimal, my own lane, no Asian ladies, not that I have anything against Asians at all, they are fine, and a new lifeguard. I swam 22 laps!!!! (And then the local high school swim team showed up and I lost interest). BUT my whole body is hurting today, even my fingers as I type this are saying please go get 2 more Advil, we can’t take it anymore. But I have already taken 8 Advil today and my stomach hurts, thus, no more.

I’ll let you know about swim time number 4 soon!

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