Monday, July 27, 2009

Teasers - Grace and Clayton

Washingtonian weekend continues! After I finished up with Jen and Marc, I went down to meet Grace and Clayton down by the monuments. I had so much fun getting to know them and now am incredibly excited to shoot their wedding in just a few months! They are just as sweet as two people can be and we're just a delight to talk to.

Hope you enjoy!




This is my favorite so far:


Teasers - Jen and Marc

What a weekend! Saturday, I had two engagement shoots that went incredibly well! I got to venture down to DC to do these and really did have a lot of fun.

Hope you like, Jen and Marc!

We met to first take photos at the house where they met. The ugliest house on the block. And I am allowed to say that because they said it first. All the other homes were perfect brick all in a row. And then this. Painted white bricks with blue trim. I think they wouldn't have wanted it any other way. :-)


We ventured down to a little pizza place that they used to frequent. The pizza was delicious! So delicious that any girl would say yes if she was proposed to with it.


Okay, maybe that was a stretch. But this is what he really proposed with.


Recyclng the flower for the next shot.


We went to Rock Creek Park for the last set, and even found a way to get right down by the water.


Thanks so much, Jen and Marc! I had a lot of fun! Hope you got that Sangria you kept talking about!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking ahead to Fall!

Fall is for 2 things: hiking and camping.

I bought these hiking shoes not long after I was cleared to stop wearing that stupid boot. Remember that boot? The one I could pump up with air and then release? Here is a pic if you can't remember it.

Anyway, I like my hiking shoes a lot better than that thing. See?

IMG_0256 copy

Well, I had all these good intentions to go running more often and go hiking because of my limitations in that boot. The farthest I got was buying a pair of hiking shoes and taking Sunny out to one trail less than 3 miles from my house. So, Fall Resolutions: go hiking, run more.

Here are my top three trails I want to go on. Let me know if there are others you would recommend.

1. Appalachian Trail - Crampton Gap
2. Loch Raven Reservoir - Merryman Trail
3. C&O Canal - Great Falls - near the middle of October for the prettiest photos!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update! for Maria and Dan!

Maria and Dan, I am so close to finishing! I'm loving them all!

Maria and Daniel

Attack Dogs

IMG_0270 copy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

I can’t
Whistle. Hard boil eggs (it just never works…) Wear perfume. Be patient. Stand not having my cell phone on me at all times. Stop biting my nails. Remember to take my recyclable grocery bags into the store with me.

I can
Play piano. Talk to a complete stranger. Sing along to every single Taylor Swift song. Drive with my knees. Dive. Resolve every New Year to stop biting my nails. Do a cartwheel.

I won’t
Go to Burger King. Eat brussel sprouts. Bungee jump ever. Be ashamed of my love for country music like I was in high school. Remember your birthday on your birthday but usually the day before or after. Go to my high school reunion. Break my foot ever again.

I will
Shop at Trader Joes all the time especially for mini tacos. Vote on the last episode of American Idol. Shake my head whenever I think about Sarah Palin… Travel as often as possible. Log on to every morning right after I check all 3 email addresses. Go to my college reunion. Brush my teeth when I am hungry to make me not want to eat especially right before bed.

I shouldn’t
Drink tequila. Miss football as much as I do. Say bad words. Worry. Switch back to AT&T just because I want an iPhone. Complains as much as I do. Spend so much money. Drink caffeine after 2pm.

I should
Run daily. Answer my phone when someone calls…the first time. Call my g-ma more often than I do already. Get a better back up camera. Be proud of my accomplishments. Update my blog. Be a better big sis. Say what I am really thinking all the time. Paint my toenails. Be happy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


An oldie, back when I didn't know how to edit. I miss when Mels used to do this.

Getting sleepy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Shot Monday

Some little boys deserve a page all to themseves! Especially boys with cupcake all over their face.





Saturday, July 11, 2009

SOOC Saturday

I am going to start doing something new.It is called Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) Saturday. These photos that I post on Saturdays under this heading are straight from my camera. They are raw, unedited images. And I think we need more of them on this website. Some will be personal, some will be photos I have taken for others, but all have in common that the only thing I did to them was stick my memory card in my card reader and downloaded them to my computer. K? K.

Today, I want to share with you a photo I snapped of Ollie's first bath. He did not like it one bit. And he looks like a little rat when saturated.

IMG_0258 copy

Friday, July 10, 2009

A lot of words come to mind...

Cute, cuddly, teddy bear.... menace, tyrant, butthead.

IMG_0271 copy

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ollie and Sunny

How perfect is this pair??

IMG_0268 copy

Teasers - Cary and Crystal

I feel badly. I never shared more of Cary and Crystal's photos with you all as I promised. They will get to see them all when they wake up in the morning because I finished them late last night and they are all uploading now. Not bad turn around time either! Little more than the last one which is to be expected.

Anyway, I really loved Cary and Crystal's wedding. It was so laid back, go with the flow. They were lucky to have spectacular weather as well.

I was lucky enough to have 2 other photographers with me that day shooting as well! Lauren, whose work will be featured more prominently on here in the next few weeks after she lets me get some shots of her so I can formally introduce her and her awesomeness and Sarah, from Sarah Fletcher Photography who is working to build her portfolio to soon promote her own company!

We started the day off at the church photographing the bride getting ready. I'm a sucker for lace up backs.


And pretty jewelry. (Photo by Lauren)


There was some great light coming in from one of the windows so I made Crystal sit near it. Love the results.


Bridal Party ready to really Party.


See what I mean? Reception was so chill! It was a B-B-Q!!! Mmmm. And they packed us to go bags for the way out!


There were tables inside and out. I love that everyone was wearing sunglasses.


They got a moon bounce for the little kids.... and the adults!


And all the girls made their own bouquets!


The best men were Cary's brothers. This is one of them with his speech. It was cute, he walked around by himself practicing it for a bit before hand.




They did this dance called the Paddle Dance. I loved it. Google it.


I just love them.


End of a long yet really fun day.




Congrats, Cary and Crystal! It was wonderful working with you both!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Teasers - Sonia and Shamsher

A first for Dani Leigh Photography...Today I got to photograph a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony. The reception is tomorrow but I wanted to make sure I got a few up to share with everyone. I learned a lot and will be explaining everything I have photographed within the next few days.

In the meantime, enjoy!


Sonia with her sisters.


Shamsher during the ceremony.


Sonia and her father.


Love this one.


And this one!


The last part of the day is very emotional. The bride leaves her home in clothing that her in-laws provide and her family and friends bid her a tearful farewell as she departs for her new home and life.



So many more to come! Can't wait for tomorrow!

(If you are having trouble viewing all of an image please click on the photo to take you to the full image)