Monday, July 27, 2009

Teasers - Jen and Marc

What a weekend! Saturday, I had two engagement shoots that went incredibly well! I got to venture down to DC to do these and really did have a lot of fun.

Hope you like, Jen and Marc!

We met to first take photos at the house where they met. The ugliest house on the block. And I am allowed to say that because they said it first. All the other homes were perfect brick all in a row. And then this. Painted white bricks with blue trim. I think they wouldn't have wanted it any other way. :-)


We ventured down to a little pizza place that they used to frequent. The pizza was delicious! So delicious that any girl would say yes if she was proposed to with it.


Okay, maybe that was a stretch. But this is what he really proposed with.


Recyclng the flower for the next shot.


We went to Rock Creek Park for the last set, and even found a way to get right down by the water.


Thanks so much, Jen and Marc! I had a lot of fun! Hope you got that Sangria you kept talking about!


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Jen Vargo said...

Danielle - I heart you! Jen