Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

I can’t
Whistle. Hard boil eggs (it just never works…) Wear perfume. Be patient. Stand not having my cell phone on me at all times. Stop biting my nails. Remember to take my recyclable grocery bags into the store with me.

I can
Play piano. Talk to a complete stranger. Sing along to every single Taylor Swift song. Drive with my knees. Dive. Resolve every New Year to stop biting my nails. Do a cartwheel.

I won’t
Go to Burger King. Eat brussel sprouts. Bungee jump ever. Be ashamed of my love for country music like I was in high school. Remember your birthday on your birthday but usually the day before or after. Go to my high school reunion. Break my foot ever again.

I will
Shop at Trader Joes all the time especially for mini tacos. Vote on the last episode of American Idol. Shake my head whenever I think about Sarah Palin… Travel as often as possible. Log on to every morning right after I check all 3 email addresses. Go to my college reunion. Brush my teeth when I am hungry to make me not want to eat especially right before bed.

I shouldn’t
Drink tequila. Miss football as much as I do. Say bad words. Worry. Switch back to AT&T just because I want an iPhone. Complains as much as I do. Spend so much money. Drink caffeine after 2pm.

I should
Run daily. Answer my phone when someone calls…the first time. Call my g-ma more often than I do already. Get a better back up camera. Be proud of my accomplishments. Update my blog. Be a better big sis. Say what I am really thinking all the time. Paint my toenails. Be happy.


Jenn said...

What's up with Burger King? Not that it's #1 on my list but I'm curious.

Lauren said...

Yay...I love this! I can't ever remember to take my reusable grocery bags in with me either. Shame on us!