Saturday, July 4, 2009

Teasers - Sonia and Shamsher

A first for Dani Leigh Photography...Today I got to photograph a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony. The reception is tomorrow but I wanted to make sure I got a few up to share with everyone. I learned a lot and will be explaining everything I have photographed within the next few days.

In the meantime, enjoy!


Sonia with her sisters.


Shamsher during the ceremony.


Sonia and her father.


Love this one.


And this one!


The last part of the day is very emotional. The bride leaves her home in clothing that her in-laws provide and her family and friends bid her a tearful farewell as she departs for her new home and life.



So many more to come! Can't wait for tomorrow!

(If you are having trouble viewing all of an image please click on the photo to take you to the full image)


Lauren said...

Dani, these are gorgeous! All the colors...I love them. I hope everything is going great today at the reception. I'm so incredibly bummed I had to miss this one. :(

Mom said...

These photos are lovely. They are a gorgeous family and they make our traditional weddings seem so ordinary!

Jennifer said...

Amazing, just amazing ... so happy you are coming to Mexico!!!