Thursday, July 9, 2009

Teasers - Cary and Crystal

I feel badly. I never shared more of Cary and Crystal's photos with you all as I promised. They will get to see them all when they wake up in the morning because I finished them late last night and they are all uploading now. Not bad turn around time either! Little more than the last one which is to be expected.

Anyway, I really loved Cary and Crystal's wedding. It was so laid back, go with the flow. They were lucky to have spectacular weather as well.

I was lucky enough to have 2 other photographers with me that day shooting as well! Lauren, whose work will be featured more prominently on here in the next few weeks after she lets me get some shots of her so I can formally introduce her and her awesomeness and Sarah, from Sarah Fletcher Photography who is working to build her portfolio to soon promote her own company!

We started the day off at the church photographing the bride getting ready. I'm a sucker for lace up backs.


And pretty jewelry. (Photo by Lauren)


There was some great light coming in from one of the windows so I made Crystal sit near it. Love the results.


Bridal Party ready to really Party.


See what I mean? Reception was so chill! It was a B-B-Q!!! Mmmm. And they packed us to go bags for the way out!


There were tables inside and out. I love that everyone was wearing sunglasses.


They got a moon bounce for the little kids.... and the adults!


And all the girls made their own bouquets!


The best men were Cary's brothers. This is one of them with his speech. It was cute, he walked around by himself practicing it for a bit before hand.




They did this dance called the Paddle Dance. I loved it. Google it.


I just love them.


End of a long yet really fun day.




Congrats, Cary and Crystal! It was wonderful working with you both!

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