Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pet Peeve

People who beep at you the nano second the light turns green.

Really??? Really??? It just makes me want to sit there longer.

My Mommy's Knitting

Knitting is something I have never been able to get the hang of even though I have a desire to want to do it. I think it is something about it being so repetitive and th fact that I have to sit to do it. I am active and antsy and like to move around, so knitting will probably never be my thing, but my mom really makes me want to keep trying.

This is a jacket she is knitting her new niece. I love the hearts on the lapels and think it is is incredible feminine and beautiful even though it is predominantly blue in color. Perhaps some pink buttons to finish it off!

My mom also makes the most incredible looking socks. I am still waiting a pair of my very own, especially for my now cold and booted left foot coughcoughmomcough. (That time, it is a hint)

Bon Iver - Blindsided/Skinny Love

These songs have been constantly replayed for days on my iPod. Thought I would share them with you too. Try to ignore the fact that it is typical Dani music. It is beautiful.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My favorite videos I have seen this week

"Look ladies, it's horses on a beach. You're welcome."

I have a new love for The Soup...thanks to Mike. I have beee watching it online and have been dying of laughter. I love it. And this is priceless.

And yes, make fun, but I am the proud owner of a snuggie. :-) But this hysterical...makes me think twice about using it ever.

Go ahead...laugh.

And of course, the newest and latest song that I am singing NON STOP!!! I STILL LOATHE FREE CREDIT REPORT DOT COM!! But, again, just like all the other times, with pirate shirts and medieval times, I can't get this stupid song out of my head. Eric Violette, why isn't your credit high enough to get your own damn house in the 'burbs??

And have you noticed there has been a pirate hat in the last 3 of these commercials? The obvious pirate one, the New Car one it is in the back seat and this one in the very beginning on top of the VCR to the right...weird pirate conspiracy...

Horoscopes - The Onion Style!

I try once a week to send all of my friends from my old job their horoscopes by the Onion because they are fun. This week, all of them made me laugh so I decided to post them here for everyone to see and share!

Mar 21 - Apr 19
The interesting thing about your future isn't its extreme brevity, but how many angry, drunken Cossacks it holds.

Apr 20 - May 20
Your quest for abs of steel ends tragically this week when you cut yourself in half with a welding torch.

May 21 - Jun 21
Sometimes it is best to simply let events unfold. However, doing so for the last 25 years was probably a mistake.

Jun 22 - Jul 22
The kind of pressure you'll deal with this week would kill a lesser man, which, unfortunately, is exactly what you are.

Jul 23 - Aug 22
You've got a pair of gams that just won't quit, making things quite awkward when management is forced to let them go.

Aug 23 - Sep 22
A wonderful romantic experience looms ahead for Taurus, which really sucks, as you're a Virgo.

Sep 23 - Oct 23
Something deep inside of you will re-awaken this week. Plan to spend most of Thursday sitting in your bathroom.

Oct 24 - Nov 21
You'll soon come to regret catching fist-size chunks of jagged hail on your tongue.

Nov 22 - Dec 21
Any well-read person will notice several parallels between the story of Beowulf and your disastrous housewarming party this week.

Dec 22 - Jan 19
Your frequent boasts of being a real lady-killer will finally gain some credence when an FBI forensics team digs up your backyard.

Jan 20 - Feb 18
You're no Mother Teresa, much to the utter shock and dismay of all those blind orphans in India.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20
Try as they might, the stars can't see the point in telling you about next week. You'll just do whatever you damn well please, anyway.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If I was elevated to 39,000 ft, does that count as keeping my foot elevated? it obvious that I need sleep if this is what I thought about on my way to work?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Broken Foot and Airports

I am sitting at the gate for my currently delayed flight home as we speak. Apparently there is some electrical problem on the plane that they feel the need to fix before our flight takes off. I decided I was okay with that considering the alternative. Ya know…crashing. Which, rumor has it, we are not supposed to talk about that in airports, or the word BOMB. Because if you just so much as say bomb in an airport they are able to slap you in the face with a $5000 fine. Ask my brother, Brett, and my mom…they will tell you.

But don’t worry about the rules when you have a broken foot, they seem to excuse everything and have been incredibly kind to me since I got here. As I was getting out of the car, someone immediately came over and asked if a wheelchair would be easier for me than carrying everything with my crutches….uhh, obviously the answer is yes. I have not only been the clumsiest person ever this trip but I really, really suck at using crutches. It really is because I have flimsy arms, see previous post (I am making it a point to add more bicep and tricep work to my workouts).

After my wheelchair ride that took me to the front of security, yep, be jealous, I got right onto this mini motorized shuttle, which I swear I was going to fall off of, they are crazy drivers here indoors. We stopped to pick up some elderly people on the way to my first gate and my driver yelled at some people instead of using his horn.

At my first gate, I befriended a cowboy, probably about 70 years old whose 94 year old father had just died back in Baltimore. This cowboy talked to me a lot about his life and how he lived in Laurel, MD until he was old enough to join the service and has been in Texas ever since, with his wife, 3 kids, youngest of which is my age, and his dog I asked if he had a pickup truck and he said of course like I had offended him. I loved that. I could hardly understand a word he was saying because of his lack of teeth, my inability to see his mouth move because of his huge mustache, and his Texas accent he adopted when he moved here. But once I told him to slow down, we were better. Once he started complaining about Obama, which from him, I expect no less, I cut him off and mentioned having to go to the bathroom. Well, damn. Did that man not get right up and find me a wheelchair and then wheelchair me straight to the bathroom? What a doll. And then 15 minutes later when our departure gate changed, he did it again.

I will admit that people here really are nice, and this whole foot thing is a great conversation starter. Everyone wants to know how I did it. They usually look disappointed when I tell them I just tripped, so much so that I am debating changing up my story to the people I know I will never see again, let’s just see how far I can take it. Any suggestions?

Here at my second gate, when I just found out my flight was delayed, not one but two people asked if I was okay and asked if I needed anything. They were willing to go get food for me. I must look completely immobile or just stupid when in fact, I am just holding back a lot of rage that this flight is not on time. Not only that, but they put me in this special section on the opposite side of the rest of the people at the gate in a section reserved for customers with special needs and a huge handicapped sign...I knew you all would get a kick out of that.

Bon Jovi

Dear Jenn,

Yes chica. This blog is for you. Remember that time when I got married and I made sure there was at least one Bon Jovi song on the playlist for you to rock out to on the dance floor? And remember how when that song played, almost everyone but HOOD! people left the dance floor? I actually loved that moment and I just saw this video that reminded me how much I loved it. This is so you...drunk...minus greasy food. :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Perhaps amputation would be a better remedy?

Obvisously an exaggeration... But can we talk about how I am taking pain meds not for my foot but for my poor arms because using my crutches hurt my flimsy, pansy arms so much? Yes, I know, do not put weight on your shoulders but rather in your hands. But are these people crazy!?!?! Don't they understand that I can barely carry 5 bags of groceries into my house let alone my own weight? And what is the deal with steps??? Going down, okay, you win that is easy, butt slide or if I have a bar a nice handle hop, but otherwise? I am screwed. And my house? Have you been there? Howwww many steps must we walk up to get to the floor that matters?

Photo clients: please do not fret, this set back is going to be handled in a jiffy. Promise. Appointments are all set up and believe it or not, break is better than a sprain in this case. :-) Always keeping an eye out for you all!

As if Texas didn't suck enough already...

I have been in Texas on business, and just manned up yesterday and went to the ER. I have broken my foot. I am the last of the Rodman children to break something. I thought this day would honestly never come but here it is! I am trying to handle it with ease.

I am in Texas until tomorrow night. I plan to have nasty black and blue and swollen photos posted by the end of the week so I can convince all of you to learn how to look down before walking no matter what the conditions may be: whether you are tired, drunk or just plain old not paying attention, you could actually break your foot just by walking, noted? For now, I am blaming the crap Target flip flops I was wearing when the incident occurred last Thursday. Yes, it took me that long to get it looked at. But give me some credit, I was walking around on a broken foot for 3 days! I am a beast.

Currently, I know that it is most likely a Jones Fracture, which is most of the time only fixed with surgery because of the way the break is. Daren had the same thing recently. He had the surgery and went to prom the same day, which seems pretty sweet to me.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

B-Day Party @ the Pottery Stop!

I got a whole year older on February 4th, 2009. And yes, even though I am getting, doesn't mean I can't have a birthday party. Because of the events of last years birthday bash, this was a girls only event and aside from the 3 pitchers of margaritas at Mi Casa, was also a sober event where no one almost got beat up.

We went to the Pottery Stop in Ellicott City to paint pottery! Tomorrow is the day I get to pick up the pieces that we painted and I will be delivering them to everyone...ha, but what they don't know is that I plan to take photos of them so I can post them on my website and make fun of the disastrous painting jobs. Especially Krissy's really ugly Christmas tree ornament that is just big and yellow and says DANI's --! Insert age in the dashes yourself!

Today, I thought I would just share the fun and nice photos from the day. :)

Kari wins the prize for funniest facial expressions for the day.

Childish...but I made everyone LOOT BAGS!!! Remember when you were a kid and got bags o'loot for going to a birthday party?

This is Lauren up to no good.

Look who came! My mommy and Melanie! PS...those are the glasses that we both have!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Imitaton is the highest form of flattery.

I got new glasses. And I love them.

I went home to hang out with my mom after I picked them up and was so excited to show them to her, I swear I am still a little kid sometimes… I put them on for her and she initially doesn’t say anything. And then she starts giggling because she realizes that I... have... picked... out... the SAME EXACT pair of glasses that Melanie, my 10 year old sister, picked out a few months ago, unknown to me.

So, my sister and me have the exact same pair of glasses.

Wow. Guess we really are related.