Monday, February 23, 2009

As if Texas didn't suck enough already...

I have been in Texas on business, and just manned up yesterday and went to the ER. I have broken my foot. I am the last of the Rodman children to break something. I thought this day would honestly never come but here it is! I am trying to handle it with ease.

I am in Texas until tomorrow night. I plan to have nasty black and blue and swollen photos posted by the end of the week so I can convince all of you to learn how to look down before walking no matter what the conditions may be: whether you are tired, drunk or just plain old not paying attention, you could actually break your foot just by walking, noted? For now, I am blaming the crap Target flip flops I was wearing when the incident occurred last Thursday. Yes, it took me that long to get it looked at. But give me some credit, I was walking around on a broken foot for 3 days! I am a beast.

Currently, I know that it is most likely a Jones Fracture, which is most of the time only fixed with surgery because of the way the break is. Daren had the same thing recently. He had the surgery and went to prom the same day, which seems pretty sweet to me.

Wish me luck!



Jenn said...

Ok what?! That's crazy Dani! How exactly did it happen? Hope you are doing ok..have a safe trip home and keep me posted. Find a handsome cowboy and horse to take you around on your last day ;)

Katherine said...

Pictures? SWEET!

Lauren said...

Dani! You ARE a beast! But a very stubborn beast. Go get yourself taken care of!