Monday, February 23, 2009

Perhaps amputation would be a better remedy?

Obvisously an exaggeration... But can we talk about how I am taking pain meds not for my foot but for my poor arms because using my crutches hurt my flimsy, pansy arms so much? Yes, I know, do not put weight on your shoulders but rather in your hands. But are these people crazy!?!?! Don't they understand that I can barely carry 5 bags of groceries into my house let alone my own weight? And what is the deal with steps??? Going down, okay, you win that is easy, butt slide or if I have a bar a nice handle hop, but otherwise? I am screwed. And my house? Have you been there? Howwww many steps must we walk up to get to the floor that matters?

Photo clients: please do not fret, this set back is going to be handled in a jiffy. Promise. Appointments are all set up and believe it or not, break is better than a sprain in this case. :-) Always keeping an eye out for you all!

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