Friday, February 27, 2009

My favorite videos I have seen this week

"Look ladies, it's horses on a beach. You're welcome."

I have a new love for The Soup...thanks to Mike. I have beee watching it online and have been dying of laughter. I love it. And this is priceless.

And yes, make fun, but I am the proud owner of a snuggie. :-) But this hysterical...makes me think twice about using it ever.

Go ahead...laugh.

And of course, the newest and latest song that I am singing NON STOP!!! I STILL LOATHE FREE CREDIT REPORT DOT COM!! But, again, just like all the other times, with pirate shirts and medieval times, I can't get this stupid song out of my head. Eric Violette, why isn't your credit high enough to get your own damn house in the 'burbs??

And have you noticed there has been a pirate hat in the last 3 of these commercials? The obvious pirate one, the New Car one it is in the back seat and this one in the very beginning on top of the VCR to the right...weird pirate conspiracy...


Abigail said...

I think that I have been singing the songs for ages!! Rachel made it her ringtone on her phone, and secretly, we memorize all the new ones!

Jenn said...

I want to see your snuggie