Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And today you will learn about...

You guessed it! Inflating Hot Air Balloons!

This was actually really interesting to watch, it was amazing how something that fit into a bag about as big as me, just a bit wider, blows up to look like the end result.

Obviously the first step is to lay the balloon out flat on the ground.

The next step for them was to attach the basket in which the person would be flying.

After that they take a pretty large size fan and direct it towards the opening of the hot air balloon until it seems to be pretty plump.

Once plump, they begin to lift the basket (I really don't know the technical name for it) to get the balloon off the ground and they blast hot air into it...and a lot of fire.

They didn't launch a whole lot from the location I was at because of high winds, but when I got on the road to go home, there were a bunch, I couldn't help but pull over to the side of the road and get a couple shots.

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