Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maryland Wine Fest!

I know that this was 2 weeks ago now but I am slow to add photos. I loathe putting them on my computer because usually my computer tells me something depressing like there is not enough space to put these on your computer and you should give up trying.

Anyway, me and my favoritest people ever went to the wine fest a few weeks ago and I love them a lot because they are not only the sweetest, craziest, most spontaneous group of people I have ever met but because they let me take pictures of them whenever I want. Thought I would share a few. Please keep in mind and be impressed that most of these....were taken post 1 whole bottle of wine.

And then there was a bison???

For the record, I have no idea whose child this is, but he was within camera distance and I think it is a cute pic.


Anonymous said...

That bison was a funny bison. hehe.

julie said...

that bison comment was from me. for some reason this computer wants it to be anonymous. seriously. i'm not anonymous.