Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vicky = Villian

I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser. I love that show to pieces. I watched it last night with the boys while simultaneously eating a semi healthy dinner followed by a huge piece of chocolate cake washed down with a swig of coke with an Ambien (more to come on my Ambien addiction later). So motivating....

But seriously, the people on that show are inspiring and extremely motivating. EXCEPT for one. I was so pleased today when I logged out of my yahoo mail and was taken straight to the news page and saw an article entitled The Biggest Villian on 'Biggest Loser.' YAY! Finally someone else sees the evil that she is! THAT BOY I live with likes her the best. I think after last nights episode she is just an evil, selfish, greedy pansy who likes to put on a scene for national display. I feel bad for her 2 very young children because their mom is an embarrassment.

Yahoo! is listing these as:


1. Bob, the ever-positive Blue Team trainer, commented early on that she was the "most conniving person" he'd seen on the show. To be honest, we hadn't noticed, but let's just say that if Bob has something negative to say about someone, we pay attention.

2. Vicky boasted that her team lost a challenge because the prize wasn't worth it. Talk about poor sportsmanship! Whether the prize is good enough for you or not, at least make an effort -- it's an additional workout, dummy.

3. In recent episodes Vicky started making faces during weigh-ins, and even worse, she started to openly mock Philip when he spoke, even when he was on the scale. That's crossing the line. When someone steps on that giant scale, awaiting their fate each week, it is a moment that must be respected.

4. Even Vicky's alliance pal Ed warned cameras that if you cross her "she'll claw your eyes out." When Amy C. voted Brady off two weeks ago, Vicky totally lost it. She cursed about Amy during her confessionals, posted a "revenge" sign on her bedroom door, ignored Amy altogether, and vowed to knock her out of the competition. And Amy was Vicky's teammate! Then when Amy saved Vicky from elimination the next week (because she felt so guilty about Brady), Vicky returned the favor by sending Amy packing the moment Amy was on the chopping block. Apparently Vicky is a 37-year-old woman with the mentality of a mean 13-year-old girl.

5. When football legends Jerry Rice and Steve Young stopped by for a challenge where the prize was a charitable donation, Vicky was still in 100% scheme-mode. She figured that the challenge twist would be that they'd have to run the course twice, and the winner would be the one with the most improved time. So she WALKED the first time, with Jerry and Steve shouting encouragements from the sidelines while she lied to them about being embarrassingly slow. She was correct about the twist and of course she ran the second time and won the challenge, but there was no way the win was worth it. Talk about a lack of respect for yourself, your peers, and Steve and Jerry. We were disgusted.

Again, evil pansy. :-)


Jenn said...

I am there with you! I'm hoping she doesn't make it to the final 4, or at least not win, she bugs me! There is nothing to like about her, you can't even be happy for her and her weight loss. Go Michelle!

Steve said...

I hope she puts all the weight back on after the show.

Frank said...

Vicky rules! She is gonna win!