Monday, December 15, 2008

uh oh...I'm going to blog about sports

Let's talk about this photo people...

I went to the Raven's game on Sunday. It was a pretty dismal game and the fact that I couldn't feel my ears or toes afterwards didn't help much either.

I have heard a lot of people talk about this game and thought I would throw in my two cents too. First of all, yes the Ravens lost, but you have to admit it was a good game. Both teams sported awesome defenses, the Steeler's had two turnovers, there were some sacks/tackles that I was surprised the players got up from (I would have been knocked unconscious), there was fighting on the field after every play, and the hot chocolate was not watered down.

Now, this photo. To bring it all back for you, the Steeler's had the ball on the Raven's 4 with 43 seconds left on the clock, Roethlisberger, trying to find someone open, runs from the middle of the field to the side and back until he sees Santonio Holmes, that bastard, in the end zone. Originally, the play was not called a touchdown. But, even though I didn't ask them to, because I matter so much, the refs reviewed the play and reversed the call.

I have some problems with that. First off, I have seen the play over and over again and honestly, there is just not enough evidence for anything to be conclusive - did the ball cross the plain? Didn't look like it from my seat, which was only a few feet from the fiel. Were both his feet down? Eh, maybe before Ed Reed knocked him face first into the turf. Did he have ball control? I didn't think so.

So, why did the refs overturn it? Because, as Frank would say, football is fixed. :-)

I know someone who would be really, really glad he was not officiating this game. Hi, Mr. Ed Hoculi!

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