Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

Anytime someone has included me in a note on facebook recently it has been to show me 25 things about them. And I have read every single one. I'm supposed to respond with 25 of my own "things."

Here goes:
25 Things

1. I love to make to-do lists…just so I can cross the individual tasks out when they are done.
2. I really like to bake. It is a rare occasion to come to my house and not have some sort of homemade treat there.
3. My dream job would be to be a photographer for National Geographic.
4. My worst fear is drowning, and I can sometimes be scared of waves.
5. I love trying to find good musicians before they get to the radio.
6. I want 4 kids, just like in my crazy family. And yes, I know I used to say horrible things about how fetuses are like parasites that just feed off your insides and give you cankles and that once they were born they look like aliens. Anyway, I have really done a complete 180 in that regard. I will admit, however, that I am scared I am not going to be a good mom.
7. I really want to be good at running. Like really bad.
8. Sometimes I wonder if this life is real. Weird I know… maybe I should drink less wine.
9. My all time favorite movie is Wizard of Oz.
10. I hate how big my big toe is. People used to make fun of it. They also used to make fun of my belly button because it isn’t really an innie or an outie, it’s hard to explain and I have probably said too much. I’m not a freak, I promise.
11. I wish I had lived abroad for a year or more. I guess this isn’t completely out of the question.
12. I want to travel everywhere and have real, genuine experiences in all the places I go. And try all the food and alcohol that is native to that country.
13. I have literally THE BEST FRIENDS in this whole wide world. They will never know how much they mean to me. I sincerely believe that.
14. Raisinets are my favorite candy.
15. I have never broken a bone.
16. When I go to doctor’s offices, I always look to see if they get People magazine…it is a guilty pleasure.
17. I really like Apple Juice. So much so that I felt the need to capitalize it as if it was a proper noun.
18. Sometimes I wish I could redo parts of my life.
19. I have never ever tried to smoke a cigarette. And to be honest, I think the only reason I haven’t is because I like to be able to say that I have never tried one.
20. I pick my nails. I have tried soooooooo incredibly hard not to, but I have been doing it since I was so little that I can’t stop because now I do it unconsciously.
21. I used to be made fun of all the time. I was not a pretty teenager. Not until college. And to be honest, I just realized about a year ago that I am not unattractive. I mean, I can seriously vividly remember when Mike Delarusso used to pass me notes a lunch on napkins saying “You’re ugly” at lunch in the cafeteria and then the other time he tried to run my over with his car freshman year. After my mom called his dad, I’m sure he must have gotten a good beating because the teasing from him stopped. Sometimes ignoring it is just not the answer.
22. I have really pretty blue eyes but honestly, I think blue eyes are really, really creepy, especially on boys that aren’t my brothers. My friends will tell you that I refer to them as “rapist eyes.”
23. I have an unhealthy obsession with reality shows.
24. I am right handed but have always worn my watch on my right wrist and feel naked without it
25. I’m positive that the best day of my life hasn’t happened yet even though I have had some truly amazing ones.


Lauren said...

Totally agree with #25. I think it's depressing to say that the best day in your life has already passed. Thinking that it hasn't happened yet is exciting and keeps you looking forward to the future. :)

Lauren said...

Also, in regards to #17, apple juice...sorry, Apple awesome! :) Love it! Have you tried Simply Apple??

Dani Leigh/Sweet D! said...

SIMPLY APPLE!!!! Taste like candy! Yum!

Dani Leigh/Sweet D! said...

Shoot...simply apple isn't the one that taste like candy, it is delicious, I was thinking of Snapple Apple...taste like apple candy.