Friday, June 19, 2009

Teasers - Maria and Daniel

I have no idea how I got this lucky, but tomorrow I get to photograph a wedding in this amazing church:


The Bride and Groom are going to sit in these chairs:


And I am just going to be as happy as a clam. :-)

The rehearsal dinner was in Fells Point, which I love. I secretly wish I lived there. And I walked by Jenna Bush having dinner.

We went to where Dan had proposed to Maria and took some cute shots. I asked her what he said when he proposed and it must have been good because this is the response I got:


Apparently, and I saw photos later, he had written Maria, Will You Marry Me? in chalk on the side walk. Super cute.


Here is the whole group:


Maria and Dan, good luck tomorrow! I am so excited to be there to capture it all!



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Amber said...

that church is GORGEOUS!