Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Invitations!

Have I mentioned that I am going to Mexico to photograph a wedding and to vacation in less than 40 days? Well. I am. And I am so excited about it.

One of the things I love about my job other than the job myself, is being included in things like the invitations and save the dates and all that jazz. I love it.

The Mexico wedding invites went out a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to put up photos of them. I'm so excited about all the Day of the Dead "stuff" associated with this wedding. It is going to be amazing!

These were made by Kindly R.S.V.P. designs

IMG_3784 copy

IMG_3785 copy

IMG_3787 copy

Can't wait!


LiLu said...

Those are far and AWAY my favorite wedding invites I've ever seen.

Dani Leigh/Sweet D! said...

Yay!! Me too! I think they are so unique.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting the invites Dani! You and Rachel are the best! Once again, beautiful and talented work on both ends! Love, Jen