Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caribbean Wine Fest!

How cute is this girl? This was the happiness that was Linganore Wines Carribean Wine Fest. I accompanied Julie and Opie to this wonderful event. I love hanging out with the two of them because they never make me feel like a third wheel, not that anyone really does, but....anyway, foot in mouth. There was an awesome steel drum band and gorgeous weather. And of course, wine tours, which I recommend that people go on before they drink too many bottles of wine.

This little lady belonged to one of the other gals we met up with there. She was a doll too! (And if you ever read this, you should send me your email address so I can send these awesome photos to you!)

I should note that Jules and I are champion wine drinkers. Between the two of us, I am positive we polished off three bottles that day, easily. Thank goodness Opie was there to help me remember my favorite new Pampered Chef accessory, Outdoor Party Sticks. (Jules do you remember St. Patty's Day night last year following our hibachi dinner, we drank our own 1.5 liter bottles of Linganore Wine? That was a little nuts, but so fun!)

Jules wore this pretty sweet pair of sunglasses...

Ain't she glamorous? I call this her "Totally Glam Pic."

Thanks my bestest and Opie for letting me come with!

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