Sunday, June 1, 2008

My little bro graduated!

This is the face you are giving me right now for writing any of this, I just know it.

Let me tell you a little about my brother Daren. He's a nice looking guy who stands a bit over 6 feet probably, short blonde hair and bright blue eyes (then again all of us kids have those pretty blues now don't we?). Despite his height and his macho attitude, Daren is a big softy. Don't worry, Daren, it's a good thing, girls love that.

When Daren was little it took him forever to learn how to talk. Being the spoiled and overly outgoing kid I was at the time, I remember always talking for him and insisting on what I assumed he was saying was always right. He would point into the cabinet at something and I would instinctively just know that he wanted. I liked doing this at the time because I thought I was taking care of you. Only in the last couple years have I come to realize that I was truly hindering your ability to learn how to use that massive brain of yours. Luckily, and much to my dismay, you speak fine now, even though I liked it better when you had to point at things.

When you got older you always cared a lot about your siblings and parents. You still seem to be the one who cares the most, I admit. I remember one time when I was throwing some kind of hissy fit and refused to get out of the car when Mom had parked it in our garage, which was then not connected to the home we were living in, no windows and no lights and the only way in or out was the garage door. Mom and you had left the garage and I remember still sitting in the car turning around watching you scream in horror as Mom began to close the garage door with me still in there. It is still a silly sight to see in my head. Needless to say Mom didn't close the door, at least not all the way, especially with you screaming bloody murder in our small little court. Thanks for looking out.

But now that dorky, chubby little kid I used to despise has grown up to a slightly more mature and really adorable guy who has just graduated from high school. It's hard to believe that this guy even has a girlfriend who acts like she really likes him!!!! GROSS! How could anyone...ugh, I'll stop. I know that I was proud of you, so that means that Mom and everyone else was probably even more proud of you. I really look forward to hearing about all your accomplishments in college, as I hope there are many, and I really hope you are being safe at senior week right now...

I think you're pretty proud of yourself too....

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Daren said...

hahaha i am not a big softy!