Monday, August 17, 2009

Teasers - Wei and Bill

I know. It's been more than a week since these gorgeous people got married. I have been busy but it was worth the wait, I promise.

I am beginning to really love day weddings, not that I don't like night weddings, but there is something sweet and almost cute about getting married during the day.

Me and Lauren's day started at a hotel nearby where all the gals were getting ready.

I went a little overboard taking photos of these Jimmy Choo's. I'm a tad jealous. This is just one photo, but trust me, for some reason I have a good 30 of them on my memory card.


And her pretty, pretty dress!


I love this one.


Check out these blooms! Perfect for an outdoor, daytime wedding.


And cute kids, wow, I could do a whole post on the cute kids at this wedding. But I have two for now. One here before the ceremony. Cute as a button flower girl.


After the ceremony, we walked around the gardens for some fun shots. I think they all turned out splendidly.



I could have taken photos of them on this bridge all day.



:-) Balloons.



After the bride and groom shoot, Lauren and I packed all the stuff up and followed the Rolls to Mrs. K's Toll House for the reception.


Where there was a live band!!! I'm a sucker for live bands. Mostly because they are just so much more fun to photograph than DJ's. Although DJ's do provide me with some entertaining images as well.



Know what else I am a sucker for? Cake. Yummy. Yummy. Cake.


Oh and brides who change into sexy red dresses for the reception.


Oh and cute little kids. Especially this one who wouldn't smile at me at all prior to the reception. He only smiled when I stole his balloon from him. But after that I got some great shots.


Wei and Bill, thanks so much for letting me share your day with you! I hope you enjoy these, and can't wait to get the rest done for you!

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