Monday, August 3, 2009

Where was I when I shot these?

I want to play a game. I want you to tell me where I was based on these photos. The more specific you can be the better. Don't cheat and look at the comments. I want to know how many photos it takes before you figure it out. Scroll slowly now.

IMG_0296 copy
IMG_0299 copy
IMG_0292 copy
IMG_0288 copy
IMG_0291 copy
IMG_0287 copy


Mom said...

Hood College campus??

Jenn said...

HOOD!!!!! (I thought so, then the call button gave it away)

Lauren said...

That be Hood, yo!

Dani Leigh/Sweet D! said...

Guess almost 5 years isn't enough for us to forget. I got my Reunion Save the Date!