Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Christmas Card of the Season!

And of course, it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

But then again, any card that comes addressed to me and all 4 of my animals with their names all spelled out on the front is just awesome.

IMG_4580 copy

My animals were super excited! They never get mail!

IMG_4582 copy

You can't tell here but Ollie is dying because I said leave it. There were whimpering noises going "But! But! But!"

IMG_4581 copy

Sunny knew exactly to start at the end. After of course smelling out Ellie, the sender's pup.

IMG_4586 copy

Ollie wanted to tear right into it! See how much he loves mail! So much you can't leave it anywhere he can reach it!

IMG_4587 copy

Ohhhhhhhhh! Look how authentic!


Barley is a bit more sophisticated and reads things with great intention. He's so dignified.

IMG_4600 copy

IMG_4596 copy

Inside was just as awesome as the outside. I love Dr. Seuss quotes, especially from The Grinch!

IMG_4594 copy

Thanks so much, Jen and Marc!

And amazing work again, Rachel!

Feel free to send me your Christmas cards this year! Especially if you used a photo I took! I would love to feature them on my blog! Address is obviously on the envelope above.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks again to Dani, and of course to Rachel (Kindly R.S.V.P in Baltimore, MD)!!!