Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow!

First off, I want to apologize. I know that posting has been light but it is because none of you have booked any fun sessions with me and I'm all out of weddings for 2009. Shucks.

Second, it snowed in Maryland before Christmas!!! I loved it. I woke up yesterday morning and had my shade up and all I could see was white.... and all I could hear was Ollie scratching at the baby gate I have in front of my bedroom door to inform me that he was ready to go outside. Right. This. Instant. But it was ok because I was secretly excited to get up and take him out for his first snow extravaganza.

So, I got up, threw on an oversized sweatshirt, that was most likely laying on the floor from the night before (because, folks, that is what I do, I come home from work I change into a huge pair of sweat pants and a big sweatshirt and my slippers), and got the leashes on the pups just in case the crazy lady who hates dogs is out and opened the front door. Sunny proceeded as usually, elegantly trotting out of the doorway, down the steps to her pee spot. But Olliemonster looked startled and stood in the doorway. As I began walking out the poor thing pulled his leash towards the house and there were actually whimpering noises coming from him. I thought my little fearless monster would be all about the snow. So, I had to pick him up, take him down the stairs, and while he was squirming in my arms, I plopped him right smack down in the snow.

IMG_0649 copy

I figured full emersion therapy would be the best tactic. He got used to it pretty quick and was soon enough running around with Sunny which I thought was just adorable.

IMG_0646 copy

IMG_0650 copy

It really tuckered them out.

IMG_0642 copy

By the way...these were taken with my craptastic, dinky camera, it was wet snow, so no heavy duty cameras were used.

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Frank said...

I remember taking Sunny out for her first snow. It was an adventure. As much as I complain about them (mostly Ollie) I love those pups and wouldn't trade them for anything.