Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ollie Post 8 inches of Snow

Dear Ollie,

A few weeks ago you experienced your first snow. A dinky, pathetic snow compared to what you experienced just now. You still looked stunned as I opened the front door and the snow was blowing in and it was freezing. But you looked at me and then the snow and hopped right in. Literally.

I am not sure if you peed or pooped at all because it would have been beneath the surface of the snow, but that doesn't matter. You looked like you were having fun. Especially when you were chasing Sunny but had to leap 8ish inches vertically in order to make a forward motion at all.

Now you are in my house getting everything wet. But I still love you. You are my little snowman.


My little snowman and his space heater.

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