Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And he did it....finally!!!

This past weekend we had a graduation party for our friend Mike. Frank and I went to high school with Mike and we threw him a party because he finally graduated from College Park and stated that he couldn't start looking for a job until he had a good graduation party. That's where Frank and I come in. We offered to throw him this party as long as he showed us official proof that he did in fact graduate.

Anyway, it was a good party. Mike came over the night before to eat crabs....and the loser brought his own mallet. What a weirdo.......

After crabs, Frank, Katherine, Mike and I played some intense rounds of Rock Band and drank a bit too much before passing out in our respective spots.

The next day was fun. We had a cookout with a few friends in the area before our apartment building. We even bought water guns...that not everyone knew about. Way fun. All these pics were before the "tennis" ball game at the baseball field that ended in getting drenched with water balloons. Fun night.

Chef Frank....

Hi Amanda! Don't worry my heart doesn't hurt that you didn't come back after work to bring us pretzels con queso...maybe I'll just make you owe me that. :-)

Yeah, Jenn, that is hot.

Hey Cool Shades!

And my bro came too!

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