Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Dumb Cat

As most of you know, unless you have stumbled upon this blog by chance, Frank and I adopted a cat in December named Sushi. She was such a doll, well behaved and so easy to take care of that we decided we wanted to up the challenge and get another one. (We are practicing for parenting, so why not?). About two months later, we went back to the same shelter, and I, I being the key word, fell in love with Barley. Barley is a month younger then Sushi but double her size. He is big and orange with white paws just like Sushi (she’s gray with white paws) and sheds all the time.

When we first got him, he would walk on our heads and sit on our pillows to get our attention in the morning, and when I say morning what I really mean is 3:30am. Now we have progressed to jumping up on the dresser and knocking things off or attack our feet which are usually stone still because we know he is going to do it.

Sushi and Barley really love each other. They cuddle and lick/groom each other and even fight. Just like normal, human couples. Barley, even being the bigger of the two, still let’s her pummel him when they are fighting and sometimes will just sit there and take it. He’s a sweetie that way. He even curls up on your chest and purrs like a freight train. He fetches too. All in all he is a pretty awesome cat. Frank still hates him because he wakes him up too early, but he’s mine and I say he is awesome. So, there.

Recently Barley’s eyes have been red and runny. I took him to the vet because I had grown worried about it. He was acting more and more sleepy and blinked one eye way more then the other. I honestly thought the vet was going to tell me I was crazy that I was being an over concerned parent and that Sushi probably just scratched his eye. But nope, I get to the vet, she looks at his eyes intensely and she tells me that my dear cat is a slut, no just kidding, but he does have herpes and chlamydia in his eyes, a common problem in cats apparently. She didn't like my joke about how they should probably stop sleeping around. I have to put gel ointment in his eyes for 10 days and have to give him a really cold cc of Interferon for the next 6 months. All of which is a pain in the you know what and costing a boat load too. But I love my Barley cat, so I will do it for him. That whore.

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