Friday, July 25, 2008

Teasers - Sheena and Jared!

Finally! Sheena and Jared's wedding was a blast! The bride was so laid back from the start making the rest of the day all laid back as well. Everything seemed to fall in place perfectly.
We started with the best breakfast ever....donuts at Sagittarius Salon where the girls got their hair and makeup done. This little girl turned into a princess when she put on her pretty dress.

She may have had a bit of a crush on this cutie...

The gals got ready in the pastor's office...where they might have taken a couple of shots and....oh wait....what happens behind closed doors should be hush hush huh?

The ceremony was short, simple and to the point. Just the way I like it. Afterwards, the group cooperated for some outdoor photos despite the heat. I was proud of them.

The reception wasn't far and was a blast.

It was kid friendly too...

This lucky little guy has no idea what he has gotten into catching that thing...

I love that this guy really looks like he is madly in love with this girl. :-)

She is a beauty too.

This is my friend Jenn. She is the reason why I got to photograph this wedding in the first place. At the last wedding I was at she cried and cried when giving her toast. I love this photo because it looks like she is on the verge of tears and everyone around her is smiling because they think she might burst into tears too...hehe.

I like this expression, it totally says "I didn't do it."


Sheena and Jared, thanks so much for letting me photograph your beautiful wedding day! I hope your journey is filled with love, and laughter!

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Josh & Becky said...

Just beautiful, as always. I am such a fan of your photography!