Monday, July 21, 2008

And she may have officially lost it.... I still love her though.

Frank and I ventured home to celebrate my little sister’s birthday recently. Birthday’s are pretty same old same old at my house: we arrive, we chat and eat some fruit/veggies, have soda (it’s the only time it is ever in the house), eat dinner, open presents, eat cake, make plans to see each other again, hugs, departure. Just like clock work.

As Melanie gets older my mom is making great improvements on the house. The floor plan from the kitchen to the breakfast nook to the living room is completely open and it is beautiful. She has replaced crappy old furnishings with nice cherry wood cabinets and coffee tables and other décor that makes the house look so much more grown up then when I lived in it. I always wanted to live in a house like that and envied friends that did. I lived in a house with a toddler to child who always had toys all over the place and had taken over every room of the house.

Also in attempts to better themselves and our planet, my parents have made huge strides to go “green.” (Side note: this is funny to me because my mom just traded in her Prius for a Mini Coop.) Sheldon has always been huge on recycling; even to the extent of going through the trash when the bag was ready to be taken out and removing any items that we kids may have thrown in there “accidentally.” My mom has ceased using plastic bags and instead uses those recyclable ones the grocery store makes you buy. I admit I do this too and I like to think that I am environmentally friendly as well but seriously this particular day was the day that jumped the shark.

Sitting at dinner, my mom discloses that she has gotten a new freezer for the basement. Now, initially, this doesn’t sound so bad, we have a biggish sized family and between my brothers when they are home and the little sis, they go through a lot of food, no doubt about that, plus, lots of people have an extra freezer. My mom then explains that she bought the freezer from Heartland Home Foods. What’s that you ask? Heartland Home Foods describes themselves this way: “Heartland Home Foods makes mealtime’s great times - while helping you simplify your schedule and promote your family's good health. From gourmet meats to delicious vegetables, decadent desserts and leading-brand groceries, Heartland delivers foods bursting with flavor. Cook up some excitement - treat your family to Heartland today!”

I still didn’t quite get it after my mom was explaining this to me. Then she came out with it: she has a freezer downstairs in our basement stocked with enough meat to feed our family of 7 for the next 6 months. And it's not just stocked with your regular old store bought meat but home raised, free range meat. Meat that came from cows that roamed free and were happy go lucky, chickens and turkeys that were not in any type of coups, but got to wander about the farm on a daily basis. I laughed at this notion. Who gives a rat’s butt if the chicken on my plate got to run around and play all day? It is still on my plate…and it depresses me a bit more then if it was just in a coup. My mom insists that it is the best chicken she has tasted. Uhhh… Whatever…

The gravity of this whole situation didn’t hit me until I actually walked downstairs and opened the door to the freezer. Oh my God. Whatever you are picturing a freezer full of meat looking like, multiply is by at least 40. Not only was there meat, but there were enough frozen vegetables and seafood for 6 months as well. Not to mention a couple desserts tucked in there as well.

I was in shock and had no idea what to say. But I did turn around and see Frank with his jaw wide open. I could see the wheels turning in his head as my mom explained how the company comes to your home and does a presentation for you about their program and then a day later will deliver you a freezer full of meat. Frank couldn’t stop smiling and he decided this would be one of the first things he got when we moved into a home of our own.

(By the way, this photo doesn't even do it justice, it is a deep, deep freezer.)


Russ said...

We just sat through their presentation last night. It all seems OK, but the Freezer cost $3100 and they tack on 19% of interest. I hope she prepaid the freezer or it will cost her close to $4500 over 3 or 4 years. We put it on a credit card (to avoid the interest) and I will be opening and transferring the balance to an interest free card with a zero charge for the transfer.

Catherine said...

Interesting to know.