Friday, September 12, 2008

I Miss Chincoteague!

This is the first year in the last 4 I believe (don't quote me, could be three) that we were not able to sneak away for Labor Day. I think Labor Day vacas are the absolute best. It gives me closure to the summer and without closure, I get anxious and angry when it starts getting cold.

These are some of the reasons I miss that place. It is just so pretty and has the best natural light, and fish!

This one and the other sunset photos are taken right off the dock from Payton Place Suites where we always stay. It's just over the main bridge to get to the island and it is so quiet and peaceful.

This is on some trail where we usually get eaten alive by all sorts of Chincoteague bugs, or get run off the path by crazy bicyclists.

Not only are there horses...but little Bambi's too!

Who doesn't love a gorgeous sunset? And it was like that every single night, without fail.

Mmmmm....Reminds me that I can be found at the Maryland Wine Fest on September 20th, with a bunch of my favoritest people!

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