Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweet D LOVES Sweet Tea!

My obsession with McDonald’s Sweet Tea is getting a little OOC (out of control for those of you who don’t party with Krissy and me). It’s gotten to the point where I begin to salivate when I pass a McDonald’s, and nooo not for something a normal person would crave like a cheeseburger, but for a really cold iced sweet as can be tea. Even when people call me Sweet D at work now all I can think about is Sweet Tea. There is even a message on my dry erase board at my desk writing about how Sweet D likes Sweet Tea. Whoever wrote that, I hate you, because now whenever I look at that board, my mouth is drenched with the thought of that big styrofoam cup, that is destroying the environment but who in the world gives a rats butt because that big styrofoam cup is filled with the most awesomest and sweetest beverage that I am about to drink out of a the best fast food drinking straw that I have ever used.

Ugh. I am parched.

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