Saturday, September 6, 2008

Murphy's Law

What a horrendous couple of days. Horrendous you hear.

I’m not even sure I can recap the complete madness of the whole thing.

But it started on September 2nd. I broke my beautiful car. I pulled into a parking spot at Ikea in College Park, and at this Ikea, not every spot has one of those curb things (yes, I know, very descriptive but after almost an hour I cannot think of what they even might be called so this is what you get) so since I hadn’t seen any in the spots prior to this one, I did not think there was a curb thing, but what did I do you ask? Yes, I pulled my car right up onto one of those curb things and it made the front fender pop out of place and cause some breakage to my valence. So, shopping in Ikea with my bud Lauren, I moped the whole time and felt bad for her because she had to deal with mopey me.

Leaving Ikea was a success, we fit everything into my Fit, and we were able to get it into my new place. But when I left my new place, I got off on a wrong exit, and to avoid an oncoming car, I made a right turn too quickly and without paying too much attention to the road and went up onto the curb and ended up with a flat tire and damaged wheel. My 24 hour Geico Roadside assistance came about 90 minutes later and put on my spare and I was able to drive 40 mph back to Frederick to take my poor car to the doctor. 40 mph for 40 miles on 70 West is no fun.

The next day was moving day and I was hoping for a much better day than the one prior. The movers were scheduled to come between 8am-12pm. But guess who got a call at 9:00am? Me. I got a call saying that there workplace had been vandalized and the tires on all of their trucks slashed. They said they may not be able to move me today. Breath now. I am getting fired up just thinking about it. I let them know that there were going to be moving me that day, because this is the day I contracted for and this is the day we are going to keep. About an hour later, I get a call saying that they have transferred my move to a different branch and that they should be giving me a call shortly. About an hour later I get a call saying that they will be here in 2 hours, so around 12:30pm. Not bad I think. 1:30 rolls around…still no movers…2:00 I place a call to the branch manager and ask where the hell the movers are, well the movers got caught up on the metro getting to work. I fail to see where this is my problem. 2:30 rolls around…still no movers….3:30, ahh, there we go, your truck is finally f-ing here. Now if only Frank and I didn’t both have to be at work at 6pm. By 4:30 we were on the road to the new place. And by 7:30 they were done unloading it. And I was only a whopping 2.5 hours late for work.

So, we’re moved in and I finally get a good look at the place and there are a bunch of things to fix, like the fact that our bedroom door doesn’t close, or that the blinds in the dining room are broken and the horrendous noise our really nice garden bathtub makes every time you move your feet in it.

I’m looking forward to a new week.

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