Monday, August 4, 2008

AC and AI!!!

I have been away for the last few days and really miss my kitties and my bed!

We went to Atlantic City this past weekend to see the American Idol concert. It was surprisingly good. Aside from Ramiele….who I wanted to shoot with a sniper rifle from my seat right down the center but all the way in the back. She just sounded like she was always screaming. Definitely not a good by any stretch of the imagination. David Cook was smug but awesome. And David “Archuletagay” as Frank so affectionately calls him was surprisingly decent. You should have seen all the tweens with their “Arch” Angels shirts, made me want to throw up. But hey, what should I be expecting going to an American Idol concert?

The most entertaining part of the entire evening was the severely intoxicated 50 year olds sitting in the aisle adjacent to us. Oh my God, they were hysterical! Throwing their arms all about and just acting as if they didn’t have a care in the world. They left early into the show and never came back; they were also about an hour late.

Frankie gambled for the first time in his entire life and won a whole $9.75! He was very excited about it, cashed out immediately and redeemed his ticket with the cashier. I couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he is.

Other then that it was same old same old. We went to the beach in the evening to lay and read and had some microbrews at the hotel bar – which had the most amazing Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake ever. Tun Tavern at the Sheraton if you ever go.

Off to Philly for a conference!

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