Saturday, August 9, 2008


I have finally found a website that has portions of the opening ceremony from the Olympics! And wow! How awesome was all that?

I mean, only in China could you get that many people to obey the same instructions and make such a wonderful performance out of it. I am not sure by what I mean by that so don’t take it the wrong way. But honestly, I was beginning to think my eyes were playing tricks on me, were there not mirrors just making it look like there were that many people? (Not to mention the fact that they all looked exactly the same, or was that just my eyes tricking me again…..oh man, this is not going to be a good post is it?, I am being offensive!) I honestly wonder how all that was choreographed. Like who in the world has the capabilities to organize such a huge, huge thing and with soooooo many people, other then Hitler? And what was with that awesome light show countdown? I loved that.

My only complaint: why fireworks? Seriously, we need to create something more exciting then fireworks. Maybe bombs. I dunno. I don't see the wow factor in fireworks anymore. Over played. Done. Kapeesh?

But really, mad props to China. You have definitely made me terrified to ever go to war with you. If you can choreograph that, I would hate to see you in battle.

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