Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Chronicles of the Married Couple and Mike: The Bathroom

Taco Bell –
Dani: You’re going to let me decorate your/the guest bathroom, right?

Mike: Hell no, I got an idea for what I want. We had this see through shower curtain at school. It was nice. I’m going to get one.

Dani: You’re kidding, right?

Mike: Nope.

Subject Dropped

AIM (a few days later) -
Frank: Mike, you know she isn’t going to let you decorate that bathroom.

Mike: I know, but that’s okay because she is going to clean it too. As long as it’s not pink.

*(Pictures to come soon of his tasteful see through shower curtain I have found him that does not require a liner and his hookless! Right up his alley.)*

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