Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Come, Sit, Stay...what was the other one?

Sunny had her first puppy obedience class last Saturday. She made some new friends, including a cute Collie among others and she made it clear that she wanted to attack and kill the Great Dane that was there as well.

She has got sit and stay down pat. The one she has trouble with is "please don't chase the cats, they are not toys." I think she thinks Barley's fluffy tail is her own personal play toy and poor Sushi, Sunny just doesn't understand that Sush is a scaredy cat. But in all honesty, it has gotten better faster than I thought it would. Sushi spent the first 2ish weeks under the bed, only coming out to eat, pee and poop. I think now she is starting to realize that is no way to live, and staying under the bed is not going to make the dog go away, and has been making appearances daily outside of the bed room.

Yay for progress. :-)

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