Saturday, November 29, 2008

The first of many: Would You Rather Saturday!

I hereby declare that every Saturday will be Would You Rather days! Why? Because it is something I can pre-post and they are fun!

Every Saturday I will propose a would you rather type question. These questions are going to be very random because that is in my nature and they will sometimes be silly. I will be expecting answers in the comments section!

This Saturday's would you rather question is:

Would you rather be able to read everybody's minds or know everybody's future? (Either way you can't tell anyone what they are thinking or what their future is).


Dr Zibbs said...

I'd go for the reading minds to see what those jerks are thinking about me.

Melanie said...

reading minds, definitly

Katherine said...

seeing their future. i couldn't deal with reading minds because if i could i would be afraid i'd be fighting with people all of the time.

Jenn said...

Reading minds because I think I could deal with knowing what people think but if someone's future was negative, I wouldn't be able to handle knowing that.

Steve said...

I would want to read people's minds so I could be the best poker player in the world. This way I would know what cards they have.