Friday, November 21, 2008

Teasers - Kari and Jason!!!

I am so glad that my Karbear let me photograph her wedding! The wedding day went by so smoothly and the whole day had a very relaxed feeling.

She wore a simple yet gorgeous white gown.

Not to mention really cute shoes.

I love getting ready shots...check out the awesome natural light!

I always love a good mom of the bride shot. She looks so proud. And she currently holds the honor of coolest mom of the bride ever!

The brothers of the bride.

And my favorite. This is the moment I wait for in all weddings. The moment when the groom sees his bride coming down the aisle. I love it.

Gorgeous bridesmaids!

Beautiful setting. Not to mention perfect weather.


I love this, I have a slew of photos of them just totally unable to keep thier hands off each other right after the ceremony! Totally spontaneous!

First dance.

And to the jerks who I had to edit out of almost every photo...this one is for you. I will probably beat you up the next time I see these faces. :-) Kidding...kind of.

Kari and Jason, I had so much fun at your wedding. I really hope you enjoy these memories of your day! Love ya!

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