Saturday, November 15, 2008

Consider this your musical education :-)

You know how I said I associate a lot with smells? Well, the other huge thing that I associate things with is music. Music has always had a big impact on my life. I grew up in a family where everyone played an instrument, at least until high school; my mom plays piano, my step dad could probably play any instrument and can play anything he hears on the radio on the piano within seconds of hearing it, my brother Brett got pretty good at the guitar and sax, Daren played something…I think it was the bass clarinet, unit high school, Melanie plays the viola, and I play piano and did percussion in the high school wind ensemble and marching band…. Don’t make fun.

Anyway, music to me is awesome. And every once and awhile I go on these new music binges where I search and search for songs or artists I have never heard of and then play the crap out of all their songs until I get sick of them and start my next binge. I take great pride in loving a song before it gets to the radio and I would say this happens once every six months.

I am currently in the process of bingeing and wanted to share with you some of my new favorites. I am thinking I will post two or so a day for a few days. Don’t want to overwhelm you all at once.

Devendra Banhart – Lover

It is truly really hard not to just fall in love with this song. It reminds me of a good summer song. It’s helping me get through the initial shock of how flipping cold it is getting outside.

We Are Scientists – After Hours

This is a funny video. Bestiality for the win?

And a bonus one because it is day one:

Alex Woodward – Beautiful Now

I think I want someone to sing this to me after I feel ugly from having boat loads of babies.

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Katherine said...

Lover is an awesome song. It was in Nick and Norah.