Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LG env2

After Karbear's wedding I did this horrible, horrible thing. I lost my cell phone. You should have seen me wondering throughout a very dark golf course to all the places I took photos. The anxiety I had that night was extreme. I realized I have not spent one night without access to MY cell phone since I was 16 years old. Pretty sad. I couldn't send text messages, I couldn't call anyone because ever since I got a cell phone I stopped memorizing numbers...including my home phone. Ha! Funny thing about that...when I went up to the front desk at Turf Valley where the wedding was to tell them my phone was missing and is probably somewhere on the golf course, they asked for my contact information. More specifically they asked for my home phone number. Sadly enough I could not tell them what it was because the only place I have that number written down is in my phone that is in the dewy turf in the pitch black night. Before you go getting all "My 1st grader even knows his or her home phone number," please know that I have not had a home phone number in years because all I had was my cell phone. So there.

Anyway, I am pretty caught up with numbers, but I know I am still missing some. So, if you haven't sent me your number after I sent out an email, you should send it at your earliest convenience. :)

And honestly, I had no idea switching your phone would be so simple. All I did was walk right up to the kiosk for Verizon at Columbia Mall, picked out a new phone, chatted up the guy helping me and was on my way to Express with my new maroon LG env2. Awesome.

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