Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Ed Day 3

How about some ladies today? I’ll be honest, I don’t like many woman’s voices. I am pretty particular. I don’t really know how to describe why or without sounding offensive. I think some woman’s voices are just whiny, too high pitched sometimes and I prefer to hear a solid, deeper, rough yet still soft and smooth voice of a man.

BUT today I have only females.

First, I want to tell you about my first party in college. I think this is the day I realized I picked a totally cool and awesome place to go to school. My first party in college was a post Pergola Party-party. There is – cough I mean WAS a tradition – at Hood called Pergola Party. It started with a Big Sis Little Sis dinner and then they are supposed to read us their favorite bed time story and “tuck us in.” Cute. Except for after we get ready for bed, and the big sis’s leave, they come back about 20 minutes later banging on the doors, wrecking havoc and make us leave the dorm. When we get downstairs to the front door there was all of the upperclass(wo)men with shaving cream and silly string spraying us and leading us to the Pergola in the center of the campus where they sing about how much they love us and all that good stuff. When I just wrote that, I realized how horribly stupid all that sounds but in all honesty, it was adorable and a lot of fun. You actually felt accepted after that. It helped knowing that all the big sis’s had been through the same thing and it was all in good fun.

Anyway, after the big foam party-ness, we all got showered and changed and went up to what was then the empty “triple” on the top floor of the building. I had the coolest big sis ever, Torrey Campbell, she really took me and my roommate under her wing and made sure we had drinks and were having fun. I was such a virgin to alcohol then, she made us fuzzy navels and I remember having no idea what the hell she was talking about. I blame it on being the oldest child in my family. We were all just hanging out talking when someone asks this girl Laura to sing us all a song. I was shocked that this girl had the softest and most beautiful voice ever and played the guitar perfectly. How awesome is this? Classes start in a few days, I am with what will soon be lifelong friends and I am in a room with really talented and intelligent people. This is what college students do and I am doing it. Awesome.

Anyway, her name is Laura Secker and her music can be found at It is beautiful.

Okay…enough rambling.

Lori McKenna – How Romantic is That?

I mostly just heart the lyrics to this song. I love when songs tell stories. And it is live, not a recording.

Sugarland – Stay

I wanted to post the real video but YouTube has the embed option disabled on all of them. I love the real video. It’s pretty raw. And this is one of the few female voices I love.

Meril Bainbridge – Mouth

So old, so old. But I heard this one the radio the other day and I forgot how catchy and fun it is. And dirty…

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