Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teasers - Anthony, Mandy and Dylan!

This past weekend I had the privileged of shooting a Christmas photo session for a family I photographed last year. I know Mandy from where I used to work and I admit I have not been the best about keeping in touch since I left. I was very happy to get to spend a couple hours with them and was even more thankful I got to have dinner with them afterward. Dylan has gotten so much taller since I last saw him, and looks so much more grown up. I was so amazed!

Thanks Martinez Family!



Melanie said...

for some reason they look familiar

Dani Leigh said...

Mels...we're going to have to talk about these comments you are leaving. And the girl should look familiar, she was at my wedding.

Josh & Becky said...

Hey, lovely photos as always, and Mandy looks great!