Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bacon Lovers Beware!


No Seriously.

I think everyone is taking this a little too seriously at such an early stage. Including my office, hand sanitizer is practically on every single desk. Can we review some numbers real quick?

Annual Flu Deaths in US: 36,000
Swine Flu Deaths in US: 1
Morons walking around with face masks: many.

In the past week alone I have heard some pretty crazy things.
- “Egypt reportedly is considering killing all pigs although there have been no reported cases of swine flu there.”
-"US sees first swine flu death"
- "Governments around the world are scrambling to prevent further outbreak."
-"By Tuesday, the swine flu outbreak in Mexico was suspected in 159 deaths and roughly 2,500 illnesses, Mexican health officials said."
- In Mexico "Citizens are asked to avoid large crowds, refrain from kissing, and stay at least six feet from one another."
-"Health Menace that has also Swept Germany onto the Roster of Afflicted Nations”
- “As a precaution, the military is banning travel to Mexico for nonessential personnel.”

This is kind of bringing it back for me. Let me think.
-Anthrax – Don’t open your mail?
-AIDS – Whatever you do avoid getting too close to someone with AIDS!
-Schizophrenia – It’s contagious.
-SARS – need I say more? Masks? Maybe I shouldn’t touch this one, a lot of people did die. Pretend I didn’t write it.
-Bird Flu – deploy the tamiflu!
-Small pox and polio – oh wait, just kidding, those were real.

That was all sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

Sorry, the point is that the media is doing a STELLAR job at blowing this out of proportion. While there should be a genuine fear for a global pandemic, its just too soon. The swine flu is just a new strain of the seasonal flu. The symptoms are incredibly similar. We, the living, have managed to escape dying from that every year, right?

So, go wash your hands and stop freaking out.

Oink Oink.


Katherine said...

today - swine flue
tomorrow - zombie apocalypse.

Daren said...

i bet the one death in the US was that baby making out with piglet haha