Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rudy Update

Well, pour little Rudy dog is still sick. He had come home for a few days but had to go back to the doc for a second sugery. The connection they attempted to make with the first surgery broke down, as was feared, and another quarter inch of his small intestine was pulled up to make another connection. There really is nothing more that can be done if this doesn't work. The vet explained he would open him back up and see what he could do but the two options were he can put him to sleep on the table if there is nothing he can do or he can stitch him back up and send him home. Of course, knowing that Rudy is a fighter, and knowing the Rudy is my mom's baby, she insisted that he do whatever he could.

So, the doc opened him back up and did a couple things differently and Rudy is still alive, and seems to be improving. If he is still looking good by Saturday, we can get more hopeful about his future.

Just wanted to send you all an update. Thanks for all your thoughts!

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