Monday, April 6, 2009

Julie's Bridal Shower

Hi Internet! Have you all met my best friend Julie? I called her Weaner for short.

She lets me take pictures of her a lot. And a few weeks ago, I was able to snap a few at her Bridal Shower. Yes, Opie, her fiance, came too. It made for good fun.

This is the cute couple.

IMG_8158 copy

I took a lot of photos. But I think I was using someone else's camera to take them because by the time I got home and put them on my computer, there were not any of the set up. The decorations were very pretty. Everything was black and green, the colors of the wedding, with damask print everything. My job was alcohol. I made some splendid mimosas which Jules is enjoying in her pretty pink and plastic flute in the photo up yonder.

Moving right long. Here are the bridesmaids. I look awful! AWFUL I SAY! It was a bad day, I didn't feel so hot, couldn't wear the pants I wanted to because I was wearing a huge boot on my foot. Ugh, I looked awful and was pretty damn embarrassed. But that doesn't matter, the bride is mad gorgeous. Wish you could see her cute green shoes! Jules coordinates everything so well. (Note: I think my hair is naturally, obviously, since I lack the funds to do anything creative to it,getting way too dark. Need some sun.)

IMG_8182 copy

She got some awesome gifts. This is one of my favs. Yes, she is joining the Partridge family.

IMG_8174 copy

And I love her face in this one. I wanted one of these so bad. I'm glad she go hers. Her face is as if to say "I know, right?" after someone tells her how awesome it is.

IMG_8178 copy

No clue... I just press the buttons. But it sort of reminds me of American Gothic.

IMG_8181 copy

The thing I love about Opie is that he can make Julie laugh so much. Laughter is so important, especially in relationships. Him being able to make her happy and laugh makes me think that everything is going to be just peachy for them.

IMG_8164 copy

And this, well, this is why boys aren't invited to places where naughty things might show up... Yes, it is underwear...on his head.

IMG_8172 copy

The big day is so close! I cannot wait to be standing up there with you, Jules!!

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