Friday, April 3, 2009

Old Ellicott City/Courthouse

My mom works at the Howard County Circuit Court. She has a big blank wall behind her desk that needs filled with something artsy so, I am being creative with this one. I can't tell you exactly what I am doing yet, mostly because I am not 100% sure either (if you have suggestions let me know), but it will somehow involved these photos, among others I have taken.

These photos actually make me think she works in someplace haunted. Not exactly sure that was the feel I was going for. But then again, it's a courthouse. How much more creative can I get without going inside?

IMG_8280 copy

IMG_8252 copy

IMG_8263 copy

IMG_8284 copy

IMG_8272 copy1

IMG_8274 copy

These are some pics from Main Street in Old Ellicott City that I would like to incorporate as well.

IMG_8229 copy

IMG_8235 copy

IMG_8240 copy

IMG_8238 copy

What do ya think?

PS Update on Rudy tomorrow.


Katherine said...

all of them are awesome. i like the 6th one down the most - it's creepy and haunting in this foggy London ghost story sort of way.

Mels said...

whoa that's so cool!

Daren said...

the second one looks like a prison house