Friday, April 24, 2009


I know. I haven’t written or posted a photo in too long.

But in my defense, I was going to post some really, really awesome photos of Minute Maid Park yesterday when my computer crashed. Yep, brand new, pretty, pink, Dell XPS, died. I spent my evening, and when I say evening I actually mean 2am-4am since I was technically at real work, on the phone with Harold and then Jennifer from Dell Tech Support who basically informed me that my computer’s hard drive was faulty and they will be sending me a new one within the next 48 hours. In terms of backup, I didn’t have too much on it to begin with, but let this be a lesson to anyone with photos on their computer: BACK THEM UP. External hard drives are not even all that expensive and it would be so much better than losing them all to a faulty hard drive. The best one on the market right now is probably by CMS Products V2 Desktop Backup System at 1TB, TB!!!! It’s only $181. That is more space than will ever be necessary. Since most of my photos were personal, fun photos, I didn’t back them up. I would never take that chance with a client’s photos. But in all seriousness, with all the cheap external hard drives, there is no reason why anyone should lose anything these days.

Done with my rant. You will learn your lesson if you don’t do it. Promise.

Anyway, today, while I was driving to Noodles and Company near my work, I was thinking about what I could post about, since I no longer have photo editing software or photos for that matter, but then I got into a bit of a car accident and forgot what I really wanted to post about. Don’t be worried, I am ok, just the Silver Fox is a little banged up. She is hopefully going to the car doc soon, when I can afford it, or the woman who hit me fesses up so her insurance company can pay for it. Which, mind you, this happened today so maybe it won’t take that long as I have already submitted my claim and started the process.

I’m hoping this downward spiral ends soon. I feel like there is so much going wrong. But, I feel like I have a lot to look forward to in terms of photo work coming up so that should make my life a lot more joyful. Taking pictures makes me so unbelievably happy. :-)

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Jenn said...

I heart you :)