Monday, May 4, 2009

Bridal Tea Party

About a week before her wedding, Julie put on a tea party to thank all the girls involved in the wedding for being there and being so special to her. I honestly thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Our instructions were to wear a cute sun dress and be ready to drink some tea.

This is Julie! Already glowing a week before the wedding.

The beautiful bride!

The woman who hosted the tea was a doll. It is actually a very touching story of how she has come to know Opie and Julie, she says Opie saved her life. He was the first one onto a scene of an accident on a night he wasn't even working and this woman was in a horrible car accident. Opie sat with her and held her until help came telling her she was going to make it through this. And sure enough she did.

This woman has the most incredible tea set collections ever. Julie was able to go to her home and pick out everything she wanted to use for the tea party. There were so many gorgeous and tiny details.








The girls looked great as well! She had the most gorgeous hat for us to wear. I kindda wish I lived back in those days.


Now, the only appropriate way to drink tea is with your pinky out, it's just dainty.


Sister of the bride! Pinky's up!

But pinky's out is a little difficult for a three year old!

Maddie trying to figure out how to stick her pinky out

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party tomorrow! Warning...I may post inappropriate photos. Do not let that effect whether or not you hire me to shoot anything! Just know I am fun! And up for anything!

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